Saturday, May 9, 2009

US Politics; Us, Us, Us

I see where President Obama is still choosing political expediency and personal opinion over honor and logical thought. The wealth he seeks is just for himself the a select minority of world inhabitants. The super rich of the world are killing us all and destroying the ability for anyone to even exist in this world, much less thrive and be happy. The sooner the voting public educates themelves to the fact that the miserly payout they receive from being a slave to the wealthy people of this world and the politicians owned controlled by that wealth is nothing compared to the tranquility of leaving this world knowing one's decisions were made with the intent to benefit others and as a result benefiting one's self and honoring one's ancestors with that role. Honor before wealth. Materialistic extremism is strangling the humanity out of this world.

I still ask the question about which US politicians would have helped that Russian school girl having problems with her nervousness, and how many would have used that as an opportunity to stand there and let the girl struggle. Perhaps Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin could provide another public service by authoring a book about decency and honor for the instruction of US politicians who seem lost in their understanding of those concepts.

Cleaning Home and Soul

Although I wanted to release a couple of articles today, it is time to get started on the day's tasks. I have always had a philosophy of minimalism, but have not always exercised that mindset with consistency . I have a father who put all of his faith in what or who he could own or control and have seen how miserable this approach to life has made him in his final days. Not only has he lost a son, he has lost the honor that accompanies the choice of others over self. Humans are constantly tempted throughout life with the choice between self and others. Particularly important is the parental obligation to protect and nurture one's children. That is a basic standard that wild animals consistently honor and many humans consistently reject in their preference for greed.

In my desire to not become my father. I also have to find a way to survive in the world that honors my father and dishonors true charity. My personal opinion is that not human is of lesser value than myself. Though we may have different focuses and may be at different periods in our lives, I refuse any suggestion that anyone is genetically deficient, or somehow preordained to live a lowly existence.

I will try to update this line of thought and be more active on this page. Within the next few weeks I will likely be able to do that. For now, I have to move on to other priorities, priorities which iwll be explained in more detail as time permits. I believe the personal revision and improvement is no longer a choice, but the only way any of us is going to live the best life we can live. More later....

It's All Mine

I have read where H.H. The Dalai Lama names ignorance as the primary obstacle to peace and happiness. I hope I am interpreting accurately, but I think I am correct in that conclusion. I don't know if greed stems from ignorance, but I see the destruction it causes in the USA and it has to stop. I have seen so many relationships destroyed without a thought because that interaction was not reaping the most financial benefit. I have seen families destroyed and ill feelings flourish as a result. This is the case with my own family. My father has lost everything of value in his greedy lust for material possessions. His folly is nothing less than a foolish waste of a lifetime of opportunity, an utter failure.

I write this article in honor of a cute Russian woman I have recently encountered. She has bright shining eyes, a smile that shines like the sun, and a sense of fairness and respect for others that I had thought was long gone from this world. It suddenly occurred to me that this was a reflection of not just her, but of her culture. I received confirmation of that belief when I read how Putin put his entire political reputation on the line to assist a nervous school girl who was struggling to honor him and her nation with a special song. Instead of standing there and letting her sink into shame and embarrassment, Putin sang along and honored himself and his nation, and his people. I am ashamed for Presient Obama and our most prominent politicians to express that I do not believe they would have deemed that as an acceptable political risk. I would also add that they would likely not know the words to such a song. Most American citiznes are too busy stealing from each other to learn patriotic songs.

That is the difference between US government focus and other polticians of the world. US politicans put themselves first, always. Policiticians like Putin are there for their nation and their people, and they do not hesitate to come to the aid of a citizen. In fact, US politicians do not even consider themselves fellow citizens of other Americans. They see themselves as an elite, genetically-superior class. The US needs polticians like Putin. Rather than trying to destroy Russia and it's culture with a McDonald's on every street corner, the US governemnt should embrace much of the Russian philiosophy and nurture a sustainable national culture, instead of worshiping wealth and greed.

Complimenting the previously mentioned qualities of that young lady were an adventurous spirit and a thoughtful mind. Don't believe a word of what you may have read about the Russian citizenry being ignorant and mostly drunk on vodka. Russia has many of the richest personalities and most intelligent people on the planet. Thus, the USA has the choice of gaining a powerful friend or provoking an enemy that could well end in disaster for the USA as a nation. It's the choice of the US citizenry regarding how long it tolerates the current behavior of its governments. It is also the choice of the US citizenry as to whether it continues to bask in ignorance like spoiled children or live in a responsible and sustainable manner, which utilizes the world's resources in a moral way.

In other words, US citizens have got to stop treating the rest of the world like it owes the US citizenry a privileged existence, or behaving like the US citizenry is somehow superior, because they have more"stuff." In fact, the US citizenry is weakened by all of their "stuff." The world belongs to everyone, and the US citizenry needs to rediscover the superior nature of the wealth of character, versus the current line of thought that the best people have the most expensive and desirable "stuff." The religion of materialism must be purged from American society, before it destroys the US nation and its inhabitants.