Friday, January 30, 2009

US Realty Woes; Banks Hiding Real Damage?

Diana Olick writes some great articles. She's a very strong reporter for CNBC. Olick recently reported that banks are holding back on revealing the number of foreclosures they are saddled with. I have thought all along that this entire credit crisis is so huge and potentially castostrophic that no one in leadship roles has any clue where to go from here. The US version of capitalism has proven itself a dismal failure as far as I am concerned. I'm all for freedom, but anarchy is another matter entirely. The US is a rudderless ship with no captain of worth.

The moral of this story is to not buy a house anytime soon. I think the solution is going to be to try and spread out the damage to as much of the population as possible. They want people to buy homes in phases, knowing all along that there's a lot more downside to come. The sooner one buys, the more they risk. Another factor coming into play is the value of the homes on the market. It is said that foreclosed homes are often vandalized, which costs even more to repair. If someon trashes a home they no longer own, they belong in jail for 6-12 months to cool off some. If we need room for them, let the non-violent offenders off on early release. I do not consider vandalism under these circumstances to be non-violent. The situation is bad enough without spoiled adults wrecking a property in some temper tantrum, when they had no business buying beyond their ability to pay in the first place.

The Real Problem with US Economy

The US politicians and their largest campaign contributors, big business, have transported most of the jobs and production overseas to where there are labor and environmental conditions that the US has outlawed within it's own borders. This provides an overwhelming competitive advantage. Globalism is code for cronies buying each other off and shafting the average citizen.

The US must refocus on domestic resources, infrastructure and production. It's sheer stupidity and manipulation to scream "isolationist" each time someone suggests that US politicians are expected to have primary allegiance to the American people and to institute sustainable policies. Cheap goods from China are not a long term solution.

Instead of empty promises, social experimentation and political correctness in education, America needs a reformed public education for its citizens. Teaching people to read, write, do math, and think critically is not that hard if the desire is their. Finland seems to manage. Put Americans first for a change in US policy, just as the French and Russians expect their own leaders to have all national interests as a top priority.

We could start by stopping the insane military build-up and the insane "war on drugs." Enough talk from politicans. It is time for positive results or the replacement of the RNC and DNC by political enitities that won't destroy the world.

Same Ol' GOP; Hiding Behind New Face

It's insulting how the GOP leaders keep thinking that all they need is the right marketing gimmick and they can get back lost support. The fact of the matter is that the GOP is losing precisely for that reason, as it stands for nothing but the latest gimmick. Eric Cantor fell right into line each time G.W. Bush had a big program to fund. When the GOP thought the Cuban vote was important, speeches were given in Spanish. Cantor fell right into line for the $700 billion bailout to Wall Street millionaires who received $18 billion in bonuses this year, supposedly for doing such a great job. The GOP is not truly conservative fiscally or socially and it does not represent the best interest of most Americans, thus they have lost a significant amount of support. There is also nothing conservative about the extreme religious views of much of the current GOP base and their maniacal approach to the issue of abortion, while cheering for torture and economic sanctions that starve and inflict emotional and physical abuse on innocent men, women and children in foreign lands.

Incoming RNC Chairman Michael Steele says he's ready to knock people over. Women and children in Iraq and Lebanon and Cuba are well aware of that, Mr. Steele. The hostility and abrasiveness of you "Christians" is why millions have fled your morally-crippled party.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I'm Exhaling Too

I've never been a Hillary Clinton fan, but I don't have much to complain about yet. I think she was dead on about certain "narco states". Bush and Rice had the foreign policy rubber band stretched to the breaking point. So far, Obama has done a great job with gradual, yet steady reversal of what was essentially a suicidal foreign policy of the last 8 years.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Limbaugh's Response; Regarding the Wisdom of Ignoring Him

Rush Limbaugh was an integral support component of the Bush machine. I was trying to categorize Limbaugh's response to President Obama's requests that people not let Limbaugh remain an obstruction to needed reforms. Limbaugh makes his money on advertising, plain and simple. If he wants the maximum pay, he needs to keep people listening. If saving the US from ruin were his greatest calling, Limbagh has the means to retire and do that as a citizen. The fact that Limbaugh is still spewing his fare over the airwaves after having great wealth and influence is the sign that he has made his choice of whether money or public service is the most important thing in his life.

Keep Voting GOP Out of US Senate

I think everyone is exhausted from the GOP double standard and obstructionism in the US Senate. They approve of the Treasury Secretary and are just messing with Obama by dragging out the confirmation process. I personally don't think Chief Justice Roberts made a mistake with the oath. He made sure Obama was linked with Calvin Coolidge and Arthur Chester as the only US presidents in history to repeat the oath of office. As far as I am concerned, the GOP has become an evil monster that must be disbanded and completely reorganized.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Done Deal!!; BushCo Finally Out of the White House

The end of the most miserable presidential administration in US history. Let us hope we do not repeat that disaster, ever.

Monday, January 19, 2009

US System of Injustice

I was reading the "This Day in History" feature on this page and came across the presidential pardon of a woman convicted of treason, for being Tokyo Rose. Investigating reporters found exposed that many witnesses had were liars. Gee. What'd the original investigators do, if not confirm facts. It's a damn same when reporters have to do the job some political hacks are already paid to do. The question remains as to whether the US legal system is little more than a political show production to create whatever result is desired for the next election.

It Won't be Long Now; Bush on the Way OUT!!!

Let us not fully rejoice until the fumigation has officially begun, noon 01/20/09, but we are indeed close. Never in my life have I ever witnessed an individual more deserving of public disgust than George W. Bush, 43rd US president. Let us pray that the next 8 years are better than the last.

Ben Lichtenstein; Dow 12000 by March, Whaaaa???

I don't know why CNBC airs some of this stuff. Ben Lichtenstein, a trader interviewed on CNBC's Squawk Box predicted a possible Dow 12000 by end of March? Is that in the same world as the $200 a barrel oil, which is now predicted by some to go to 17?

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Kill the Birds?; They're Hitting Our Airplanes

I had to pass on this incredibly questionable article that implies we should eradicate birds to cut down on airplane hits. Here's a marvelous idea...transform the incredibly obsolete mass transport system in the US to an efficient rail system. It might hurt at first, but using the brain is actually healthy.

Has Hillary Clinton Found Her Niche?

I had to go "hmmmm" when I read about a recent statement made by Secretary of State designate Hillary Clinton. She is absolutely right. The same standard goes for the failed drug war in the US. There is not logic behind allowing government corruption when the business can be taxed and regulated as a separate entity or at the very least decriminalized to take out the big profit, allowing honest people back into government police forces.

State governments should not be allowed to hide behind failed efforts or corruption and still claim they are the solution. Clinton may have found her calling. Let us hope she does not wimp out with an apology and begging for forgiveness. However, Clinton will have difficulty in standing by her position on Afghanistan while denying that a similar situation from the demand side exists in the US government and it's prison system. The only thing the drug war has done is eliminate most US competition for hash, marijuana, ecstasy, and methamphetamine coming in through Mexican criminal syndicates and create drugs that are more dangerous and powerful than ever.

The drug war is really about preventing people form self-medicating and having to go through Big Pharma. Bottom line. Nothing about the US drug war is keeping anyone safe. It's only making certain criminal gangs and politicians and police and military very reach. Making it a felony for someone to grow a few marijuana plants without any evidence of distribution is insanity.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tick-tock, Time Running Out on BushCo

I hear Orkin is on standby to fumigate the White House and take care of the asshole infestation before Obama takes office. It is not likely that more people in the world have ever been so glad to see a US president leave the White House. No more speeches or excuses, just put the tail between the legs and get the hell out of there.

I'm still looking for Bush to pull something to get himself in the news one last time. He'll probably give Madoff a pardon or something equally outrageous that a "man" like him would enjoy doing.

Sheri's Ranch; Sheri's News Showing Some Vegas Attitude

Although I have never been keen on the fact that Sheri's Ranch is owned by a former cop, if there is such a thing, someone certainly had a great idea to have some ladies of the ranch give a brothel-style news cast each week. Mia the weather girl is a real cutie. It's a great way to introduce the ladies and provide potential clients with updated information on their lady of choice. I always did think that video lineups were much more dignified for the ladies than lining them up like prize hefers in the parlor. I hope video lineups replace the more traditional, and often awkward, lineup in the parlor.

If everyone doesn't already know, this site is for adults, 18 plus years, and Sheri's site is too.

New Year Resolutions; First Six Months

I actually got a start in the right direction over 5 months ago, when I finally ended a 40 year effort in personal disaster when constantly trying to salvage relationships with my parents and siblings. In the last 5 months, I have experienced kindness I didn't even realize was still possible.

Abusive people tend to influence their targets to believe that ALL people are abusive monsters, that normal is abnormal. That is not true, of course. Even in these troubling times, there is incredible kindness within many and people willing to assist without fostering new forms of manipulation for past abuse. My personal suggestion for a break from the battle is natural food stores and preparing natural food from home. It seemed logical to start with basics, a healthy body and mind. Shedding excess weight is a fast and easy way to make big gains. Yes, I said easy. An overweight person can usually shed 20 pounds in 3 months without trying that hard, especially by cutting out most meat, cheese, soft drinks, and refined sugar items. Those gains fuel the mind for more significant challenges. One word of caution is to still keep the guard up and beware of some stores which may be looking for recruits for a religion.

During the first few visits, I'd suggest making a conscious effort to not behave as one does in more aggressive settings. One quickly realizes they are in a different place, one where everyone there is taking a break, smiling and enjoying that little island of civility. It's amazing. Not all natural food stores are equal, but most are reasonably-priced and very laid back. It's just that some Bush republicans have discovered that organic and natural foods are in demand and they are trying to do to the natural foods industry what they did to the mainstream grocers and Wall Street.

Shifts can occur with grocery and other expenses to finance any adjustments. What would it be worth if someone got so depressed that they couldn't go to work? The stakes are high, especially those first 3-6 months of detoxifiction. I suggest expanding benefits of organic foods, buy what doesn't result in excessive overall expense increases, maybe being only 30%-40% organic at first. The savings of not buying beer, soda, and junk foods add up. It's all in the more efficient allocation of resources, or increase in revenues. However, it is true that food more likely to tear down your health and your life will be less expensive and may even be more familiar or seem tastier. Consumers need to realize that the taste is really just chemicals pretending to be that flavor. Given that, my taste buds have never been more alive than they are now. Sometimes something I cook taste so good and so different that I sit in the kitchen laughing like a madman, as I munch on my latest creation.

I've had good luck with natural food stores in college towns, less luck around large urban centers where people may use "natural" as more of a slogan or bait than a way of life. As far as mainstream grocers, Kroger is my favorite. Whole Foods is fine for some hard-to-find bulk goods, but tends to attract people not quite ready for a different life, and people just wanting to be trendy.

This initial strategy should work for most forms of domestic abuse, terminate abusive condition and seek nurturing interactions. I believe I will look back on this time as the most difficult, the journey into a complete unknown from 40 years of the known. Actually leaving one life for a mere promise of a better life is very difficult. One leaves friends, personal possessions, a usually pays a significant price both financially and in escaping the normal Stockholm Syndrome mentality that long-term abuse creates, similar to struggles of a witness protection program.

Trust me, the abusers will pursue a fleeing target. The process of a recovering target is almost identical to the 7 Stages of Grief. One realizes they did the right thing as they see their body healing physically and emotionally almost immediately. We often do not realize the physical toll of abuse. In so many words, abuse murders our soul and results in less quality of life over fewer years. The probability of a longer and more content life is far greater with the stress of the constant emotional turmoil delivered by abusive individuals. If I have to sacrifice or get another job to finance a better life, a life I will be pleased with living, so be it.

More later...

Alex Cockburn Scores; Whiskey Mind Still Refuses Financial Support for CP

Although I have withdrawn my financial support, Alex Cockburn is still hitting grand slams over at CounterPunch. It's a shame that part of the CP fare is too often the relentless bashing of white males that only frustrates efforts towards a functional society of many diverse cultural backgrounds. Too frequently, the arousal of suspicions of the Caucasian male by CP articles contradicts the absolute failure and raw evil of racial and gender hiring quotas. Hate is hate, no matter who is steering that ship. Of course AA proponents are shouting for more throttle before a massive iceberg is struck.

In the AA system, a less competent Hispanic or female gets hired every time over 3 competent white males. The reverse is also true. The competent Hispanic is hired every time over 3 less competent white males. The mere premise of punishing white males of today for events that occurred when they weren't even born is more than horrific and its implementation robs any government body of its moral authority to govern. I have personally witnessed a very competent black female under the guidance of multiple white female morons. That black female got frustrated and quit after she had to show her boss, a supervisor of a large information systems department, how to set up a printer. Cockburn and others need to set their raw emotion aside on the Affirmative Action front and take a long hard look at its failure. With the expense and economic damage created by AA, the education systems of inner cities could be completely refurbished into a model of education for the world, and there would be true equality...makes one believe that the powers that be like think the way they are, in chaos, with AA proponents and beneficiaries supporting hypocrites and liars who promise more than they deliver.

US Congress: Pelosi has No Need for 534 Others

It would seem that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the Imperial Leader of Earth (ILE), has found a way around her troubles and the frustrations associated with legisative negotiations and the limitations of the US Constitution...proclaim all legislation as an emergency measure and have your own staff write all of it. At least the citizens aren't the only ones getting the shaft from the political pirates of DC.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Day; January 20

Can we survive 4.5 days? It'd be just like President G.W. Bush to pull some major invasion or OK an Israeli airstrike on Iran minutes before he steps down. I know the type. History will judge Bush, but not the way he wants. The man is a public menace and will go down in history as such.

Start getting ready to reject Jeb Bush. He waiting for his turn to make his own mess. How did our nation become the Bushes private playground?

Anything goes for Israel; UN HQ Shelled

Incredible. Makes one ask how many UN HQs Iran has shelled lately, or Cuba,or Syria or Russia, or Venezuela. How many UN personnel and aid workers has Hamas killed, compared to Israel?

Monday, January 12, 2009

"New" White House Reporters

That's a new crew all right, ho-hum, same ol' water-down insiders mentality.
The new faces will be Chuck Todd (NBC), Jake Tapper (ABC), Chip Reid (CBS) and Ed Henry (CNN). Although Fox News hasn’t named a replacement for Bret Baier — who just took over “Special Report” — the betting money in Washington is on correspondent Major Garrett
How is it so acceptable for all news networks to cover the exact same stories of the day, day after day?

Bush Farewell; Just Leave

The man who destroyed the GOP.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Real Estate Madness

I don't know if my area is that different from others, in that home prices seem stuck on expensive. It's my assumption that desperate owners are waiting for their personal bailout. I think there is a reason that has not already occured. Home prices in my area rose about 150% in 5-6 years. A one acre building lot went from about $10,000 to $55,000. Some are still asking $69,000 for an acre building lot. If there were readjustments in prices, it's only been about 9-12% so far, of prices inflated 150% over just a few years. I heard the other day that this real estate craziness also affected farmers who had leased land to raise crops on. Greedy sellers would refuse to allow planting after previously agreeing to do so. That problem has receded somewhat, which means local agricultural businesses should have a better year. A lot of people are actually relieved that the bottom has dropped out of the real estate market. It's the get-rich-quick speculators and real estate agents dreaming of squating over gold-plated toilets who aren't so happy.

Despite what wishful Realtors have been promising for the last 3 years, I don't see those price peaks returning soon, if ever. It is completely unrealistic to price an average property at $250,000 in a rural locality with an average salary of $35,000 a year. There just aren't that many employment opportunities.

The urban sprawlers can't be allowed to force others to build infrastructure around their desires. It's not my concern if someone does not have a job where I live. It's not my obligation to pay for them to live where I do, just because they think they have that right.

If people want city jobs, they need to live where they work or near mass transportation that is already available. They have a choice, rural wages and rural living or city wages and city living. It's abundantly clear that their city jobs and rural living strategy only works if subsidized by others. Most people would consider that a parasitic relationship. I certainly do.

Republicans Suddenly Remember Fiscal Conservatives

After trillions of dollars wasted in only the last 8 years and miles deep into the Bush rabbit hole of disastrous foreign and domestic policy who would really appreciate not having their life savings stolen or their children crippled by future debt, the RNC is now recalling that at least a few of their constituents are fiscal conservatives. Incredible!

I credit the political left with creating so such public pressure against war with Iran for keeping the mad dog of Israel on the leash up until now. In turn, they have prevented even more costs on the US military and support for Israel. Israel is an expensive "allie" with dubious benefits in return for that support. Whether or not Israel can be restrained from starting WWIII is another question. I don't believe they will take the chance if the American public is not on board...which I think is currently the case. If McCain had been elected, thousands of innocent Iranians would likely be dead by now and the threat of nuclear war would be that much more of a certainty.

I do not know to what extent the government of Israel's actions are supported by it's citizenry, but we need to find out. Israel is a problem. Regardless of what position one supports, the current situation between Israel and their Muslim neighbors can not be allowed to continue. The US will not be allowed to survive as a nation if it continues to allow the deaths of innocents at the hands of the Israeli Army. I shudder to think that my tax dollars are funding the destruction of innocent men, women, and children. Responding to three rockets that punched a couple of holes into some Israeli rooftops with the deaths of innocent women and children can not be allowed to stand any longer. Enough!

Israel Must Cease Strategy of Escalation

The nation of Israel is losing support. I do not know if that government, or the US government, truly understands how rapidly that deterioration of support is occurring. The largest crack in that foundation comes from Israel's policy of killing hundreds in response for attacks on the nation with results that are very minor in comparison to the inflated response. No matter how failed that policy has been, Israel insists on excessive responses to every conflict. Children are dying and enough is enough. Is it really morally justified to bomb a school full of children, even if the enemy is using that school as a base for operations? Israel, in my opinion, has become the enemy of peace.

Let's even assume that Israel has is absolutely justified and Israel has a perfect record of selecting what it considers dangerous to the nation's existence and that Israel has not provoked a single attack. Is it still a sign of righteousness to wage war in the manner that Israel engages in? I can't think of a religious philosophy on the planet that condones bombing innocent children as a response to evil. At what point does the defense become worse than the evil claimed to have provoked the attack? I believe Israel passed that point many years ago.

It's time for Israel to become a true nation of peace, or for the US to withdraw all support of Israel until they do.

My Corner of Reality

The past few months have been filled with economic uncertainty and charges of political corruption. Mr. Bernard Madoff was among the most trusted men in the world. Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich was recently among the closest of allies to the president-elect. Baltimore major, Shelia Dixon has been endicted on bribery and perjury charges.

I have never considered myself as the sharpest tool in the shed of thinkers. Therefore, I wonder how so many of those I once believed to be so sharp are exposed as being dull in their views. The US political situation has become unmanageable over the last 8 years, which could easily lead to the nation's crash into disorder and even dictatorial rule. Each time I have suggested widespread political corruption and mismanagement, the "sharp" minds convinced med that perhaps I was a bit cynical. I no longer accept that premise.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Decriminalize Prostitution and Abolish Nevada Brothel Monpoly

Anyone know much about a Nevada brothel? How would you like to be awakened at all hours of the night to have sex, or to hear the constant sounds of sexual lust 24/7 for 3 weeks straight. The tyrants at DC need to spend what money they have wisely and forget about taxing the air we breathe. Prostitutes should be tax free, like churches and licensed like electricians for STD purposes. If it's good enough for the hypocrites who sneak into their rooms, tax exemption should apply to the ladies giving love to all of those preachers.

Unemployment Hits Main Street, Hard

I was visiting with friends (work-related) at a business yesterday afternoon and 5 guys came in looking for work within 30 minutes. The guy there said he'd never seen anything like it in his time. People come in just long enough to keep their unemployment checks coming, but this seemed different. These guys coming around wanted to work. You could tell by the questions they were asking and how they were setting it up to come back and ask some more. I'm thinking both guys I knew have worked around there for 20 years or so.

My fear is that it hasn't even started yet. Once it becomes clear that the US and global government is helpless to correct the situation, we'll have a sharp bottom and a probable depression. The only thing the government has done thus far is reverse any true corrective action, and labeled it as just too painful to consider and mostly politically unwise. The politicians are killing us.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Illinois Governor Silliness

I'm supposed to believe there's nothing anyone can legally do to remove Hot Rod Blagojevich. The man was indicted. While that's not a conviction, it means something in the real world. It is time for politicians to have the "rule of law" applied to them with the same zeal and ruthlessness with which the politicians apply that "rule of law" to the general citizenry. Do we have a representative democracy in the US or some version of an aristocracy?

Monday, January 5, 2009

Enough Already, Jail Bernard Madoff

Here's an article that covers what I've written here earlier. First the SEC looks the other way, then the government allows the man to live in luxury while his victims are nervous wrecks, or dead. That suicide should go on Madoff's list of charges, as his actions directly resulted in a man's death.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Snapshot of Subprime Scam; Nobody's in Jail Yet

Here's a Wall Street Journal story that gives some insight on just how crooked the scams were that created the current credit crisis. That woman makes more on disability and welfare than a lot of people working their butts off make. As I've said many times before, someone needs to go to jail, soon. And, no more bailouts.

New Link:

For anyone who hasn't come across this one yet, it is a great way to find like-minded in your area.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Whiskey Mind's New Year Message

My sincere hopes for a new year that restores freedom, discipline, and dignity to the human condition. As life becomes more complex, more and more people tend to project their fears and weakness to others, thus attacking that person's inner peace in an attempt to sooth their own insecurities. 2009 is my zero tolerance year for the parasites of the world.

If I had the training, I could put all of this into more professional terms, but abusers are people who can't cope with themselves or life. They are emotionally weak or abnormal in some way. It's all about fear and thoughts of inadequacy. To try and adapt to this problem, they look for people who have what they are lacking, normalcy. The idea is that the abuser tears others down to build themselves up. So, they generally seek out the kindest, least-violent and most understanding people they can find and treat them like shit.

Dedicated family members, children and romantic relationships are their favorite food, for that reason. I think this is how abusers justify their actions in their minds, by convincing themselves that they are only saving society from "weak" people. In reality, the abusers are the danger to society and disrupt the natural order.

I just wanted to say a few words in case anyone reading is under similar circumstances, or if they haven't made the move, yet. Don't be like me and suffer for 35-40 years. I think my new deadline for someone is about a week. They are waiting for their target or supply to leave, because that's the only problem they see as affecting them negatively. As long as someone sticks around, the abusers don't change. Abusive people absolutely will not believe the target is leaving until the person is gone and they don't know where. Now that I'm gone, my abusers all want to see how I am doing on a monthly basis. It's creepy, because it's like a hungry predator pushing at the front door, trying to get in and feed. I'm at the point now, where I think my next step is an attorney and the local sheriff if it continues. Changing my cell phone is not the answer. There has to be a way to get them from calling me anymore.

Despite rumors to the contrary, take it from someone who is far more satisfying alone than with one or more abusers in the mix. Sleep is better. Food tastes better and my personal interests are returning. Life is back. Solutions vary, but the important step is to get the hell out of any bad situation.

Here comes 2009. My own life is a lot brighter these days and I hope yours is too.

US Newspapers; Government Bailout?

More insanity. The game with politicians now is how far will the people let them go. The myth that local newspapers prints what larger newspapers won't is more of a lie. Major newspapers have swooped in and bought many of the local papers. Our newspaper hasn't truly been local for over ten years, especially the editorial page. The current editor likes to get the locals and the transplants fighting each other in public. That's not nurturing local bonds. It destroys them.

The best way to preserve local information, is to loosen the corporate grip on the media, not to bail it out. The corporate media is in trouble because their failed business model is not supported by the citizenry. The first step would be getting the person who wants government bailouts of newspapers out of public office.