Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Amazing; Racism In US Senate

There is no constitutional tolerance for racism in US government, period. It's called equal protection under the law, and it doesn't just apply to any particular race. In fact, there are clear federal laws against discrimination based on race or gender. The appointment for president-elect Obama's senate seat is clearly political, so let's stop pretending that it isn't. We are to believe that the two most superior choices for that seat in the entire state are black? Won't it be even more amazing if the third most qualified person for that position also happened to be black, and the fourth, and the fifth? They can count up to ten and you'll never see a white male. We used to call that racial bigotry. If the best candidate truly is black, great. However, the public can not honestly believe that the US Constitution is not being blatantly violated by unlawful appointments purely for personal gain as agreed to in smoky backroom deals?

Right Issue, Wrong Emphasis; US Prison Reform

This article hits the main points of prison reform. I don't see a lot of fault with it, other than claiming more minorities in jail for drugs means discrimination has occurred. Fair or not, the minorities in the inner city gangs are far more inclined towards violence than some white guy in rural Virginia.

For the record, motorcycle clubs and certain white males have been targeted aggressively, so it's not honest or accurate to imply that non-minorities are getting away with all sorts of violations. Gun laws alone have affected many white males adversely. I have to wait 3-4 hours to get approved for a handgun purchase in Virginia, if the call back even happens that day, because of inner city minority gangs killing each other. There are countless pain-in-the-ass and unconstitutional gun and DUI laws many white males have been forced to accept, so the silliness about only minorities suffering from the overreach and hysteria against drugs is exaggerated.

Obama loves the fluffy issues with no measurable solutions, but he must address the failed "drug war" quickly. He should also issue a full federal investigation on how law enforcement seem able to combat domestic production, but unable to target imports from Mexico.

Law enforcement's assault on biker clubs and domestic methamphetamine production cuts out all competition for Mexican criminals. There are more drugs in America than ever. The prices of drugs in America are tremendously inflated due to the war on drugs. Let's see, no one allowed to grow their own, inflated prices, virtually no competition, asset forfeiture filling government coffers, narcissistic cops on ego trips, significant threats to police tyranny just happen to get busted with kiddie porn...can anyone say "widespread government corruption?"

Police and Cat In Tree; Bad Cops

I was intrigued by this story about a police officer creating problems with getting a cat out of his tree. Let's not try to pretend that there isn't a significant problem with militant police and cops with attitudes in the US. A lot of this is nurtured by the federal government, asserting a power grab into state localities. The feds give local police goodies like machine guns and make them feel like Rambo. Weak-minded men like that sort of thing.

The article in the link seems fair. The neighbor with the cat was probably a little off. My criticism of the police officer is that he should have done on Saturday what public opinion forced him to do on Tuesday, recognize that the neighbor is difficult and move on. Why take hard feelings against the neighbor on the cat? Forgive my slang, but cops are cops. Cops do what they do because they enjoy backup and constant support in anything that they do. They are not the lone wolf type, though they like to pretend that the case. They know each other for miles and miles. That guy could have had 20 cops over there on Saturday, but he waited until constant phone calls to his place of work pressured a department response. Why did it take that much? The dog was kept inside for a day and the cat was up the tree for seven days.

There were no insurance issues for the cop to just call his pals from work to help him out and hold the ladder. For that matter, just hire a damn insured tree service to use a boom. If the boys in blue quit playing the power games, the public would respond with more respect and admiration.

This reminds me of an off duty cop I encountered in Richmond. He was whizzing off a ramp, going too fast to merge properly, and rolled his window down to scream at me because I would not let him in. First of all, he was supposed to slow to merge into traffic flowas needed, not the opposite. Secondly, I couldn't get over without hitting the car to my left who had me pinned in, and traffic was very heavy. The passing stream would not let me over. I had no reason to target the guy. He was in his private vehicle and no uniform showing. I think he was in civvies. If he hadn't been so intent on the Red Sea parting for Moses, he may have noticed how I was as pinned in as he was. Life's not perfect.

The guy shouts that he's a police officer and I should have gotten over. All I could hear was "I police", exact words not clear, and see him gesturing for me to move over. This si all happening at about 55 mph. He was a bit nuts. I shrugged and laughed, and shook my head at the jerk. I took an exit to get rid of the guy or at least settle it, half expecting shit-for-brains to follow me. So, I figure he went home and cried to his wife about the bad man who deserved to have bad things happen to him.

Not only was he completely wrong in his understanding of traffic law, he had poor self control and was very quick to excessively assert his position as a police officer. He was also off duty. It's not like his had his lights on and was in a police car or anything, or even on official business. Though, I could not have done anything differently if he had. By the way, I forgot to mention this was on the Interstate 95 bypass around Richmond. It's not exactly a quiet neighborhood street where a driver always has the option of changing lanes anytime he wants.

I have a lot more stories just like that. Many people have stories just like that one.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

US Economy; The Ship Sinks

As politicians and corporate executives try to convince the citizenry that the situation is not going to get any worse, the situation gets worse. Somehow, the powers that be keep insisting that the sham can go just a little further. It's over. You can't base a national economy solely on consumption and have dumbed-down public schools at the same time. This country isn't even producing a large volume of critical thinkers. The thinkers in public schools are pounded into the ground before they can get out of middle school, and the bully adults and children think it's hilarious. The average American driver is so stupid, that they can barely keep operate a car, and that can't do that safely.

The US is going to have to completely restructure the public school system. That means rehiring all teachers and getting rid of the dead weight, no matter what race or gender they are. The death grip the democrats and republicans have on public policy has got to end. It's become a criminal enterprise, not public service. The voting system is going to have to be reformed and uniform through out all 50 states, so we have no more stupidity like in Minnesota. Only then will there even be a starting place for recovery, I don't care how many TV sets anyone can sell.

RNC Rips Bush Bailouts?; Where Were They in September?

WTF is going on with the RNC? My guess is they FINALLY get that they are no longer going to remain a political power and could well be replaced as on of two main political parties. I am sure the RNC is just flabbergasted that the citizenry is actually willing to vote them out of office on a long term basis. The very fact that they waited this long brings into question how sincere they are about anything.

They sure as hell ran the system into the ground with reckless government, excessive spending, and blind support of Israel over the last 8 years, and now the RNC is trying to make nice with its base? Get ready to be replaced, Representative Eric Cantor!!! Someone forgot to tell Cantor he is expected to actually vote for what he says at election time. I get freaking crazy with him and other "conservatives" almost defining conservative values perfectly, then voting the exact opposite... always with some excuse about saving babies or some campaign rhetoric. They always seem to have an excuse for pissing off their constituents. At what point do constituents stop being constituents and just begin being careless proponents of whatever policy "their guy" supports? Is it we the people, or we the politicians? Is the political party representing the people, or the other way around? I say it's the latter.

Voting pro-GOP is NOT the same as voting for conservative governance, and they all know that. And, as a reminder, the Israeli government and those assholes, and their supporters, are likely no more in rhythm with the Israeli general population than Bush is with most Americans. Both Israeli and American governments are being run by some whacked-out and cruel 14%, or similar portion of national population, and are extremely dangerous to world peace.

Worried about Iran? Israel with nukes should scare the hell out of anyone.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Israel; Chosen Ones or Lost Souls?

There they go again, lop-sided responses. Throw a rock at Israel and they respond with tanks, soldiers and small arms fire. Fire mortars and Israel responds with all of the above and relentless air attacks. When will the world finally condemn the Israeli government as war criminals? This has got to stop, and the timing of these assaults is more than a little suspicious. Israel is going to force Obama to kiss its ass right from the start and prove his blind loyalty to the butchers of the Middle East, and this assault is his entrance exam. My patience for and support of Israel ended when they destroyed Lebanon, and murdered those UN soldiers.

The G.W. Bush Presidency; Worst Administration Ever

As expected, as the worst presidential administration in US history comes to a close, the weak attempts to alter reality are in full force. What did President G.W. Bush not do wrong? For the GOP bots out there, that insane 28% who approve of this disaster, I say I am almost as strongly opposed to most democrats. One reason I have a special insight into Bush is that he's almost a carbon copy of a person I know with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. The irrational refusals to process information that may be contrary to current opinion and the obsession with categorizing everyone as either lifelong friend or lifelong enemy are dead giveaways. I've noticed that someone has put a stop to psychological profiles about Bush being made public. He's got something seriously wrong with him.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas to All

Count your blessings and do not let the bastards grind you down. There is good in this world, if we give it a chance to manifest itself through our own action, thoughts, and dreams.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

To the Gals Out There Chasing the Bad Boys

I've had some experience in those circles, so I know that there's no such thing as a good bad boy.

Hell, they'll even admit to that, with pride, after they get what they want. That's what makes them bad boys. The ones not ready to ride all the way, had better stay off of that train. I still see women chasing the same type of guy they just had a nasty divorce or domestic incident with. Ladies!!!! Bad never changes. It'll keep kicking your butt, if you keep going back for more. This is my community service for today.

FYI, it's pretty hard for this young woman to recover her first choice of career. That story goes in the "what the hell was she thinking" category.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Stocks Ready to Test Bottom?

I was just looking over some charts and noticed what seemed to be "fluttering" at a top of the S&P 500. More times than not, that ends in a collapse and reforming of a pattern. I notice the "experts", the same ones who didn't happen to notice Bernard Madoff was a crook, keep saying sentiment is too bearish for another leg down. How many times have they picked a bottom?

I am a touch concerned about my outlook validity, as Dr. Marc Faber believes November was a bottom. It certainly wasn't a bottom over the next year, and I don't think it'll hold for a month. We'll see.

Why Did Madoff and Family Feel So Safe?

He obviously knew he did something wrong, and his family was obviously in it up to their eyeballs. What made them think they were covered to remain in the US, indefinitely? Surely, people of such means could have fled prosecution with much wealth in various accounts. It's not like nobody knows how to disappear anymore and people don't have emergency plans? I guess a Wall Street hedge fund manager has more DC friends on the payroll.

How could SEC Chairman Chris Cox just miss the two largest finacial scams in world history, mortgage derivatives scam and Madoff. He didn't. That's the answer. It makes much more sense that Cox and other "regulators" were in on it and think they have enough cover and protection not to get caught up in it. Nobody's that incompetent and naive at that level of politics.

Odd Timing; Quote of the Day

When creating articles today, I had not yet read the quote of the day. It does seem that more than I have concerns of the future and respect for the past successes, the way it used to be in America. I don't have to ask if most US politicians, police, and judges follow the quote below, the answer is evident.
I would prefer even to fail with honor than to win by cheating.
Sophocles (496 BC-406 BC)

America Needs A Military Coup?

What honor is there for a general who commits dishonorable acts to protect his pension? The same general will later emerge in his retirement, performing as a man of honor to criticize the corrupt system he willfully nurtured during his career. It is time for good men to act. Soon, it will be too late and America will lurch into unrecoverable chaos. After the Bush fiasco, I would think the time is right for corrective action and to send those corrupted scoundrels in federal government fleeing for the exits from power.

A Word About Living With Order and Honor

I'm a young guy in historic terms, less than 50 years, so opinions may vary. My father used to love to instruct me in the pre-WWII way of life. He did a good job of that. Mostly to stroke his own ego about how much critical information he had learned in life. One has to know the rules to break them. Documentaries and authors of history filled in the gaps. The strange part about my father is that he has violated almost every line of the code of honor and conduct about which he so eloquently presented. I was saved by a strong natural intuition that helped me filter the bull from the manure. Working with cattle, odd as it may seem, has also offered valid instruction about the role of parents, community and the difference between fake and true devotion.

I have witnessed, on more than one occasion, cows butting each other around as they do with a young calf within inches. That calf does not move, does not show fear and does not question whether it will be hurt. It won't be. In addition, the baby calf hardly even acknowledges the activity. I could never figure out how the animals knew where the calf was all of the time, but they did. There's a code in there somewhere. If only human parents were so careful and reliable.

Another of many other observations involved the bull. Any human male would be more than happy to have that job and the raw power of a bull. But, that animal also has a code many humans violate. The ultimate objective of the bull is not his own pleasure or ego but the protection of the herd, especially the young. I've also seen that bull bring an entire herd over to where he was with very little effort. Look out for the bull and he does his job. Upset the bull and he gives a warning look that one remembers for a lifetime. Now, there are bulls who smash into other fields, but they don't maintain a position of honor. Those bulls get sold and butchered if they are too much trouble.

What I've tried to present here is the mess humans seem to make out of basic tasks that animals master quite easily. The first is to protect, instruct and nurture the young, and the second is that everyone obeys the same code. The third rule of cattle life is that there is only one boss of the herd and he does not abuse that privilege. Anyone who wants the job has to deserve it first.

It's not that so many humans don't know the rules, but that they just refuse to obey those rules. This is our current problem in the US. The primary reason that America has squandered so much past credibility is that the rogue "bulls" of American society have been allows to control the government and the citizen "herd". When will those Americans ever be separated from the herd and order restored?

Sunday, December 21, 2008

US Government; Negative Similarities to the British of Revolutionary War Era

It's easy enough to trace the endless fees, taxes, surcharges, doubletalk and degradation of individual rights, all supposedly for the public good. Every oppressive government has always claimed to represent the public good and a kind god. What reveals the truth or lie of that claim is how many citizens are in prison or prosecuted by government, and for what charge. A felony conviction is extremely easy to experience in the current US system of injustice. That should tell us something. It does.

Monet; 12/21, 12/22, 12/23

The Magpie; 1869
Venice Palazzo Da Mula; 1908
Antibes, View of Salis; 1888

4 Weeks, 3 Days Until Bush Is Gone

This is not coming from a rabid partisan democrat either. I used to be a solid GOP supporter in 2000. I was planning a conserative non-profit to support conservative causes. These days, I want nothing to do with anything Reaganesque or defined as conservatism.

I didn't leave the GOP, but they completely violated every ounce of trust I placed in their leadership. Congressmen such as Marsha "torture them if I can watch" Blackburn, John "they can always roll me" Boehner, Eric "the pretender" Cantor, and all the rest of those souless, morally-crippled George W. Bush enablers. They followed and chased after Bush and Vice-president Dick Cheney, to the man and woman right through the finish line. The only objections came from people, like Senator Richard Shelby, who knew the votes were there and entered objections for show. An honorable man or woman would have resigned or gone independent under a rogue such as Bush. Political devotion in the US is to party and no longer the domain of constituents, if it ever was. The US Constitution has become little more than prop used to justify government intervention and intrusion.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Unequal Protection Under the Law

A prostitute in the US is treated like human garbage by police and the courts. Even the legal prostitutes in Nevada are looked upon by many as less than human and persecuted due to the nature of their business, which happens to be an unconstitutional application of religion in government policy. A biker, especially with club patches, is branded by police as a criminal and perhaps a even collector of kiddie porn.

I'll go back to my original litmus test for who's a problem for society and who isn't. I've never had a prostitute cause me a problem. They're in the people business and always have a smile and a kind word for a stranger. I've never had a biker, even one who may fit the profile of a 1%er ask for anything but to be left alone...fair enough. I'd have to go as far as saying that the authentic bikers are by far, by far, the most responsible motor vehicle operators on the roads. I'm not talking about the dangerous kids on sport bikes, buzzing in and out of traffic at 15+ over the speed limit. They're nuts and trouble waiting to happen. I don't consider them true motorcyclists, just kids with too much time and money on their hands...and underdeveloped brains.

On the other hand, various police officers stare me down daily and extend a constant shove. Politicians treat me little better than they treat prostitutes.

Bernard Madoff Belongs in Jail

The man who ran a $50 billion fraud is still not in jail awaiting trial? The US system of government is behaving more like a third world dictatorship, with various degrees of justice, based on how much money and how many political connections one may have. Get caught growing a pot plant, one goes to jail and possibly gets raped or stabbed while there. Get caught running a $50 billion fraud and be rewarded with a gentle touch and all of the comforts of home. This man belongs in jail, now.

Paulson Wants Remaining Bailout Funds; $350 Billion

Big surprise!!! Secretary of Treasury Henry Paulson wants the rest of the bailout funds. Although, he flat refuses to consider the concerns of his constituency, Eric Cantor and others should not dole out any more funds to this potentially corrupt administration. At the very least, the current administration is the most blundering and incompetent White House administration in the nation's history. A team of sixth graders could do a better job. Enough!! Let BushCo wither away into its legacy as the most failed US presidency in history.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Monet; 12/18, 12/19, 12/20

The Road to Chailly (Le Pave de Chailly); 1865
Sunflowers; 1881
Sunset on the Seine in Winter; 1890

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

To Think Like A Gangster

I liked this advice. I always thought it was a shame for some of the guys in the street to get busted. Some of them are very sharp in their niche and they know how to survive.

Monet; 12/16/08 and 12/17/08

A Corner of the Studio; 1861
Still LifeWith Eggs; 1907

Broken Arm and Ribs, Prison for Thrown Shoes

There was a time when I would think the man would have more humane treatment in US custody. That is no longer the case.

Monday, December 15, 2008

A Fitting Farewell, Shut Up and Keep Packing II; Shoes Thrown at US Jerk-in-Chief

One reporter in this world with a soul. He just couldn't take it any more. President George W. Bush stands up there smirking at powerless people as Bush brags about how he represents all that is good in the world, much like a kind god. I'm sure the usual GOP monsters want the guy tortured and killed for throwing two shoes at Bush. It is unfortunate that a few others didn't have the courage to join in. Seeing Bush flee from the room among a flurry of flying shoes, as Nouri al-Maliki stands by calmly observing the scene, would have been better yet.

It is remarkable how calm Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki remained. I like what I know and see about that man. He's got the toughest job in the world, dealing with the scoundrels he's had to deal with from the US, and supporting his people at the same time.

As far as Bush waving off an attack on the guy, more US media half-truths and lies... There was no attempt to give the guy a free pass as implied. Was Bush just telling them to wait until he was in a cell to beat the crap out of the guy? The signal was not to leave him alone, but more like "not here, not now, in front of cameras." It was the boss guiding brainless henchmen.
"...A scrum of security agents descended on the man and wrestled him, first to the floor and then out of the ornate room where the press conference was taking place. The president was at no point injured and he brushed off the incident."
How's that for a Bush legacy?
"This is a gift from the Iraqis. This is the farewell kiss, you dog," the journalist shouted (in Arabic), Steven Lee Myers of The New York Times reported in a pool report to the White House press corps.
"...This is the farewell kiss, you dog." I couldn't have said it better myself.

Today's Monet; 12/15/08

Sea Coast at Trouville; 1881

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Message to President Bush; Shut Up and Keep Packing

A Washington Post article about president Bush's sensitive side? Yeah, right. It's a bit late for that.

I'd like to address this whole GOP denial thing in a few lines. I'll deal with Nancy Pelosi and the other liars in other articles. Eric Cantor and other elected GOP officials have consistently betrayed their more libertarian and conservative constituents in favor of their own personal and political interests. It's the same with the credit and housing bubbles. The game eventually comes to an end. The Iraq invasion, state-sponsored torture, and domestic spying were the last straw for me.

That time has come for much needed political reform, including extensive voting reform. Who ever heard of the opposition being able to influence who wins a competing party's primary? The first change I'd make is for a primary vote to automatically be counted as a general election vote if that person wins the primary. The two political parties are faced with a choice. 1) Continue ripping off the public and stealing their dignity and bring it all crashing down. Steal from money markets and pension funds and people are going to react negatively. 2) Institute genuine reform and preserve the rights of your constituents.

Today's Monet; 12/14/08

Fishing Boats Leaving the Harbor, Le Havre; 1874

Saturday, December 13, 2008

America 2008

Odd how I write an article about some issue digging into my side and a news event follows to completely validates what I wrote. I had one kid email me and call me "nuts" about nationalizing US banks. It now looks as if that may be the only means of surviving the economic mess. The latest development is a corrupt Wall Street and Bernard Madoff, no need to for CNBC to pretend like he's an exception, anyone who pays attention knows better.

So, now it's getting in the open just how corrupt it all is, the Iraq War and everything. Madoff was no unknown guy or a fluke. This guy was deeply entrenched in the system and a former Nasdaq stock chairman. He knows there's not but so much they can do to an old man. I say go after the sons. There's no way his scheme was htat big and that didn't ahve a professional concern about what was going on. I think it's time for that revolution we've all been talking about for 20 years.

Today's Monet; 12/13/08

Rough Sea at Etreat; 1868-1869

Friday, December 12, 2008

Housing Bust Article; A Must Read

Every so often we come across an article that puts a complicated situation in understandable terms. Dennis Cauchon, of USA Today, gets the prize for today. An article worth reading. especially for anyone who still thinks it is time to buy a home. Buyers shouldn't whine when that loan is soon underwater like so many others. I noticed that the example case was some jerk not working, for whatever reason, who already owned a home. He gambled and lost. I don't feel sorry for him. Greed does that to people.

I think the 20% estimate of further price decreases is more like 30-40% in the areas that were more heated than others, such as the DC metro area. Peter Schiff had some excellent input, as usual.

Today's Mont; 12/12/08

The moment to benefit the wonders seen through Monet's eyes. His was a brilliant man.
The Pointe de la Heve at Low Tide; 1865.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Today's Monet; Two for One; 12/11/08

Two paintings for today's eye candy.
The Bodmer Oak, Fontainebleau Forest; 1865
Wheatstacks (End of Summer); 1890-91

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Illinois Governor AND His Chief of Staff Indicted; Big Time

Check out the CNBC article for details. This is exactly what I was writing about in a recent article. Our society rejects the biker who loves the open road or the brothel worker making a living, but society praises these scrubbed-downed, staged productions that represent "normalcy", which are the first guys to trust the least. At least the people on the street are for real, and not posers.

Charges are conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud and solicitation of bribery. That's serious stuff. They must have gotten greedy and asked for too much so the other crooked bastards of US "normalcy" decided to prosecute them. I wonder who gets the final bribe for Obama's seat?

Monday, December 8, 2008

Today's Monet; 12/08/08

Morning on the Seine, Near Giverny; 1896

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Motorcyclists Make Better Drivers

For whatever reason, mid-life crisis, or whatever, I finally get are in my life. As I study safe riding, I discover how unsafe most drivers of 4 plus wheels are. They can get away with driving stupid, bikers can't. Bikers can't slam on the brakes, yap on cell phones instead of concentrating on what they are doing or cut someone off in traffic, or go from 50 mph to 70 mph, and back to 50 mph in a few seconds. They can, but 9 of 10 they'll end up in the shoulder if they do. Drivers of 4 wheels know who has the advantage and are brutal with that knowledge. I can't understand anyone having so little care for another human being.

I'm not talking sports bikes. That's another story. I'm talking tour and cruising bikes. I've seen bicyclists get more respect on the road than bikers. I see why some of those guys carry hammers on their bikes. I finally get it. Sorry I was so slow on the intake. I've always cut the two wheelers slack on the road and gotten my share of waves for that and gave them space, mostly because I loved to see those things roll off into the horizon. Where I didn't get it is that I thought everyone else did the same.

Interesting WOD; Officinal

Medicinal or used to relieve pain.

Today's Monet; 12/07/08

Hunting Trophy; 1862

What's Wrong With American Drivers These Days?

What is it with these tailgaters who just have to feel like they're pushing you off the road at 25 miles an hour into a 90 degree turn? I now understand what causes most motorcycle accidents, the idiots surrounded by 4 wheels. It's too easy to drive a four-wheeled vehicle. I don't know if they drink too much coffee or what their problem is. Then, there're the big rig drivers who seem to forget they aren't in their pick up trucks and they need more room to stop those rigs. Whew. Sometimes, I wish I was in NYC and never drive anywhere. I don't know how the motorcycle guys do it, with all of these maniacs on four or more wheels pushing everyone up hills, around corners, and into 90 degree turns at unsafe speeds. Does that behavior really get anyone anywhere faster, or do they just want to kill somebody, to have that power to snuff out a life? Law enforcement had better start revoking some driver's licenses, soon, and quit worrying so much about the guy who had one or two beers.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Today's Monet; 12/06/08

Waterloo Bridge, Sunlight Effect; 1903

Friday, December 5, 2008

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Legal Prostitution and GOP Christians

I'd rather associate with the prostitutes and consider them of higher moral principle than most "Christians" who vote for the GOP. A legal prostitute has considerable motivation to be known favorably. If prostitute rips off customers or makes them feel abused, word will be on the Internet. Her pictures are everywhere and it is her business to draw people towards her. If the prostitute pleases the customer and works with them on the price, the customer leaves praising the girl and her business, and they can do it all semi-anonymously over the Internet.

On the other hand, the GOP Christian believes they are superior to anyone not beleiving as they do, and that they can ask for forgiveness with their last breath and be forgiven of all transgressions...even the most heinous of offenses. You don't have to tell me who is more likely to treat people like dirt. I already know.

Monet Today; 12/04/08

Houses of Parliament (Sun Breaking Through the Fog); 1904

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Mind Over Matter

With a twist...
Life's very uncertain these days. I have to keep reminding myself of the little joys and what really counts. We could expand the definition of retrenchment to ideology and attitudes. A cute kid waving hello at a person in the grocery store or just flashing one of those smiles little ones are famous for. Likes a lot of people, I'll be grumping around after a hard day, all caught up in a rush to do this or that, then some kid sitting in a shopping basket will do something funny and remind me and others about the important anytime, anyplace is a good time or place to be happy.

Today's monet; 12/03/08

Impression Sunrise; Late 1873.

Monet must have been an amazng man to have that level of expression and love of people and nature in general. To this day, he shows us the wonderful moments of his life, through his eyes.