Saturday, May 9, 2009

US Politics; Us, Us, Us

I see where President Obama is still choosing political expediency and personal opinion over honor and logical thought. The wealth he seeks is just for himself the a select minority of world inhabitants. The super rich of the world are killing us all and destroying the ability for anyone to even exist in this world, much less thrive and be happy. The sooner the voting public educates themelves to the fact that the miserly payout they receive from being a slave to the wealthy people of this world and the politicians owned controlled by that wealth is nothing compared to the tranquility of leaving this world knowing one's decisions were made with the intent to benefit others and as a result benefiting one's self and honoring one's ancestors with that role. Honor before wealth. Materialistic extremism is strangling the humanity out of this world.

I still ask the question about which US politicians would have helped that Russian school girl having problems with her nervousness, and how many would have used that as an opportunity to stand there and let the girl struggle. Perhaps Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin could provide another public service by authoring a book about decency and honor for the instruction of US politicians who seem lost in their understanding of those concepts.

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