Sunday, March 22, 2009

First gym work in 6 weeks!

Well, that couldn't have gone a lot better. After pushing my luck and straining my left shoulder, life appears to be getting back to normal. After 6 weeks off, I had a great return yesterday. It wasn't perfect, but I'm feeling soreness exactly where I should and it went very well, very well. Everyone thought I'd quit like many of the New Year's crowd. Nah, I'm there, good or bad. I kept trying to rush my recovery and making it worse so I just backed off completely. I was surprised that I don't feel any tweak or sharp pain with full weight on the shoulder during pushups. I was about perfect and Saturday afternoon was a great time to have the gym almost empty. It was very therapeutic to not have to hassle with people. For some reason, people think it's OK to stare in a gym. It's not. If someone is busy, don't eye f*&* them. They don't have to stare, I AM in great shape for my age, and they HAVE let themselves go.

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