Wednesday, October 29, 2008

COOL Rules

From the what I didn't know category, an article about country of origin labeling. I'm sure no one is so greedy, that they'd scoff at one's right to know where their food comes from.
”It just is another onerous rule,” said Ken Capano Sr., the owner of ShopRite supermarkets in Norwich and New London. “I don't know if it garners the consumer anything. I don't know the full benefit to be derived from it, but we'll do it.”
Then, again. At least maybe he won't look for ways around it, since customers like the new law.
”If I chop it up and put it together I don't have to tell you where it came from,” observed Capano, noting that aspect of the law doesn't seem to make sense.
Doh! I agree with a commenter that perhaps Mr. Capano would be better in another line of work. Somehow, that attitude from someone these days is a bit unnerving, especially in the food business. Customers have a right to know where their food comes from. has an informative page on COOL and a guide about exemptions.

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