Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Message of Encouragement for Governor Sarah Palin

Visit the wrong web sites and see if you can imagine a male governor of a US state attacked with such vigor and disgust. She's just a woman, so it's OK? Governor Sarah Palin is attractive, so it's her own fault? Is that the attitude Americans have in 2008? If this is representative of the democrats' kinder and more gentle Obama America, count me out. Their rejection of Ralph Nader shows they have more of a drive towards partisanship, and possibly just vile behavior, than actually finding solutions for the nation's woes. As Alexander Cockburn pointed out in his article for this weekend, Nader has the policy Obama/Biden and the democrats claim to support.
K St loves Obama. So do the defense contractors. They love Biden too. Just to refresh your memories of what a progressive platform actually looks like, take a look at the website of the Nader campaign. Like the U.S. senators’ knowledge of foreign policy, the bar these days for what the left finds bearable is awfully low. The more the left holds its tongue, the lower the bar will go.
The Huffington Post had joined the party long ago, and is still gleefully publicizing every pornographic depiction possible of Governor Palin. Yet, when convenient, the same bloggers and "feminists" will express outrage against sexism and the denigration of women.

The Alaskan governor must scare the hell out of the political establishment scribes as Arianna Huffington and Peggy Noonan to draw such a barrage of vicious attacks. This isn't about 2008, it's about 2012. 2008 has already been decided. Those results are not yet known, but it's a done deal. Governor Palin is rumored to be resisting McCain handlers, which is no surprise to those who believe she is one the GOP doesn't control as much as they would like. A story which is being reported is that the GOP intends to attack and discard Governor Palin if the election ends badly. It may not be that easy.

One must still remember the early warning from a man who knows, her father, Chuck Heath:
“I would tell those boys in Washington, ‘Don’t underestimate her.’ "

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