Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Equal Justice; The Real Confidence Problem

If there is a bright side to this credit crisis, it would be the exposure of the US political establishment's refusal to represent the electorate of the nation. The curtain has been drawn back, and the truth has been exposed. All of the "kooks" nod in confirmation, while those previously confident that their interests were adequately represented by elected officials are emptying their 401(k) accounts to prevent their life savings from being looted by a Wall Street apparently run amok with greed. Confidence can not be established in a system without equality under the law.

The American electorate is not in charge of its government. The controls put into place by the US Constitution have been short circuited by decades of loopholes, courtrooms, laws, and backroom deals. Bill Gross, of Pimco, can get on CNBC and make a demand that will be granted in less than a week. Joe Wurzelbacher, his name is not Joe the plumber, gets background checks and press attacks when he dares to bring up a concern. That is indicative of anyone who gets too close. The establishment allows us to rant as long as we are deemed ineffective, but look at what happens when citizens ask what the thoroughly compromised mainstream media refuse to address and they start to make a difference. Personal driving records and personal financial records are released for public scrutiny and possible legal action, anything that may even get the person fired from their employment. Their message is, "Know your place."

Hopefully, the electorate will remember their place, their duty, this November.

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