Monday, October 27, 2008

Oh, Great; More Amateur Landlords

This article form The Wall Street Journal. Yeah, I've sworn off investing in stocks, but I'm not dead. Decent article. Wait until those sweet ideas turn sour. I don't consider rental speculation a particularly healthy sign. Renting is an art and there are big traps on both sides of the deal. I've had terrible landlords, and I seen tenants from hell. Craigslist is full of rentals nobody wants to rent. Another crisis in the making if you ask me. This country needs real jobs. There's plenty of work to do. US bridges are collapsing and sewer lids are being blown into the air in New York, but politicians would rather spend money on buying votes or war.
In many cases, sales have been stimulated by investors who are grabbing what they see as bargains on homes that can be turned into rentals.

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