Monday, October 20, 2008

What I Hope to Accomplish

As with many others writing blogs, I am trying to refine my thought process through a keyboard, and also work off some stress that comes from the US Congress flatly ignoring the pleas of about 80% of Americans against a hastily prepared and perpetually flawed bailout of wealthy bankers and Wall Street titans.

After signing the bill into law, President Bush, as if to shove a middle finger into the face of a US citizenry foolish enough to think they actually had any influence in his decisions, stated that he was going to take all the time he needed to implement the bailout plan as he saw fit. All anyone was asking was to not have secret meetings in backrooms and circumvent the usual procedure of the US Congress and hearings on proposed laws. Most scams are rushed, as time would expose serious flaws. Being conscientious citizens, it is our duty to remind renegade officials that we also have functional middle fingers. I'll try to hold up my end in that regard.

Not that I agree with everything anyone says or does, but Amy Goodman is an example of the passion a journalist is supposed to have for the truth. She has a very active middle finger; however, always utilized in very appropriate and gentle manner. I'd be honored to ever have half of her talent and drive.

It's all about a variety of sources and perspectives, which is what I hope readers find here. The doors are open, but there's still construction going on. I don't cling to party labels like they are security blankets. I try to cling to the truth, wherever it may be. I haven't found much of it around either Nancy Pelosi or President Bush lately.


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