Sunday, February 15, 2009

GOP, Cantor Schizophrenia

I was reading where the GOP is trying to sell the suggestion that US House representative Eric Cantor is a fresh voice of change. Cantor is the same man who helped lead the descent deep into war in Iraq and every other twist and turn of that rabbit hole known as "policy" of former U.S. president G.W. Bush. We heard no objections from Cantor to reports of pallets of US cash being unloaded in Iraq, no objections to no-bid contracts to GOP operatives, and no objections to the still missing $8 billion US spending on the Iraq war. Cantor blatantly ignored constituent pleas to not pass the $900 billion TARP. Let's not forget that the US Congress tacked on $200 billion in extra spending to the bank bailout in apparent retaliation for constituent objections. The TARP bailout, contrary to recent reporting was still more expensive than the current Obama bailout.

I have personally contacted Cantor's office on several occasions during the first of many bailouts of irresponsible Wall Street firms. The response from Cantor's office was to junk mail me into submission. I received as many as 6-8 identical letters regarding different concerns. I went as far as to email his office information as to exactly what was wrong with TARP, which Cantor and others now say they had no way of knowing how bankers would abuse the bailout.

To put it as politely as possible, Cantor often does not tell the truth until forced into it. It is nothing less than disgusting for someone so contrary to the character of the great James Madison to constantly infer a positive similarity. The last time I checked, James Madison and many others of that day spent much of their own money, risked death and everything they owned to create what they thought was right. To the contrary, Cantor and almost every US politician of this day hide behind lies and half-truths while the only true effort they consistently make is to get themselves re-elected to highly levels of power and influence.

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