Sunday, February 15, 2009

Matt Drudge's Faux Conservatism; As Soon As GOP Lost Power

I must have missed all of the Matt Drudge articles blasting G.W. Bush, John Boehner, Eric Cantor and all of the other hypocrites who eagerly dug America, and the world, into a deep and dark hole over the last 8 years. World Net Daily has been MIA in that regard also. Suddenly, those GOP shills have remembered the abandoned fiscal conservatives who now often despise the GOP for its icy betrayal of principle and honor. The GOP and their hacks in the media think the GOP can be elected back into power in a year or two. I believe they will be surprised.

The big change that all of the snake oil salesmen have forgotten about is the Internet. It's harder and harder to fool the younger generation, when all they have to do is read from those of us who learned the hard way, what the younger generations will discover in 20 years or so, that the political system in the US is corrupt past repair. Most of the citizenry is more than capable of working through hard times. The main problem is a small minority of corrupt citizens. We need to remember that Bush and the GOP lost in 2008, Obama didn't win. The GOP lost because they completely betrayed all truly conservative principles. Cantor, Boehner, and most of the guilty are now promising to behave. I see now where the GOP is praising Cantor for being the only jewish GOP person in the US House of Representatives. Is that all we care about now, quotas? The GOP is supposed to praise skill and qualifications over bigotry also. Just who runs the GOP? It sure as hell isn't conservative constituents.

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