Friday, February 6, 2009

More Gym Stories

To all personal trainers out there, God bless you. The amount of skill it takes to run a person through a program and target the muscles so precisely, while protecting that person against injury, is incredible. It's a tough job and requires huge amounts of energy. Thanks.

I got the roughest work out of my entire life yesterday, and I feel like a million dollars today. Not only did I survive it, but I'm hardly sore at all and that trainer ran me all over that studio for a solid hour, core training. My body was fighting with all it had to let me know what I was doing was strange to it.

Towards the end, I was wasted. The signals of my brain were getting all scrambled. It was actually a lot of fun. Next week, session six of six. The trainer says there's no way to know for sure, but she mentioned 3 months as a time I may want additional routines or an evaluation from her of where to go from there. I was thinking 3-6 months, so that fits in with what I already had in mind. BTW, I'm 45+ years old.

For anyone considering a personal trainer, I think a lot is luck. It's my impression that the more family-oriented places draw the better trainers...the ones who are really on a mission to make a difference. If America had its priorities straight, gym and trainer expense would be tax deductible and physical education would be a higher priority at schools. I'm living proof that someone doesn't have to be the class jock to be more healthy. It just takes effort and a teacher who knows what they are doing. Most PE teachers I knew were kind enough, but hardy role models for fitness. They all had pot bellies from beer.

To find a good trainer, picking a good gym is a start. I'd suggest staying away from places like Gold's, with all of the hype. A small community gym is my favorite, YMCA or similar.

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