Monday, February 16, 2009

Great Opportunity to Redirect US Economy; Dumping the Tourist Economy

Times of turmoil and disorder are often ideal for instituting needed shifts in direction. US politicians have destroyed the economic infrastructure of the nation with their shady deals and inexplicable insistence to ship crucial US jobs to oppressed pools of cheap labor overseas. In other words, citizens are powerless and multi-national corporations are in charge and running the US into the ground with their greed and obsession with profit over purpose.

The US citizenry has got to start acting as a community and not cultural fragments all insisting on only their particular needs and desires. We all need food and shelter and jobs. We all want to be safe and not have our homes robbed. Nobody wants to be attacked physically or emotionally. Let's start there and modify the political approach of this nation.

I hear supporters of the status quo squeal about how important it is to have "experienced" leadership in the US Congress. Well, where has that "leadership" taken us in the last 30 years? I don't care if you're poor, what culture you exhibit, or your sexual preference, we all need to get on the same page before these banana republic dictator wannabes we have running this country destroy us all.

A sustainable national economy can't be based on waste. That approach is nothing more than painting oneself into a corner. I saw a recent article about the Las Vegas economy and was amazed to see the desire for people to waste money there. A healthy economy must be based on sustainability, not some crazy dream for the federal government to throw money around. Healthy and local food sources, existing shelter renovation and repair before new construction, repair before purchase on everything from vehicles to refrigerators, green technology with solar and hydroelectric, water purification and conservation and preservation. That's where the beginning is, not the same stale and broken promises for improved healthcare, education and jobs.

Free healthcare desn't mean much if one doesn't have any clean water to drink.

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