Friday, February 6, 2009

A Word About Nevada Brothels

I will always be supportive of some form of regulated/legalized prostitution, primarily a minimal system in place to help prevent the spread of diseases and stealing or violence against clients or providers. The working girls and customers both should be registered and regularly tested for STDs and AIDS. I include the customers because it makes no sense to me to insist that a working girl be tested weekly, but an asymptomatic or lice-ridden client can walk into the room of a "clean" worker. That's nuts. We have credit checks before credit is gven, so a health verification twice a year for a brothel customer isn't asking too much. A sound system would work like a private social club in which all parties are regulated to maintain some order and control.

Prostitutes could be certified like electricians, car mechanics, or plumbers. They could then work for any licensed business or clubs. That means they could arrange their own incall and be self employed, or they could work for someone else who takes care of security and compliance. Both situations would involve announced and unannounced regulatory inspections for cleanliness and compliance. With my system, prices would have to be posted, current video would be required. The practice of posting pictures that are 10 years old is nothing less than fraud. Also, it is unconstitutional to impose extra taxes on someone because they are engaged in a particular business.

No where in society do we permit secret pricing, punitive taxes based on occupation and the misrepresentation of a product status, except the corrupt propane and heating oil industry. The LPIN system is comparable to Wal-Mart not letting you know a price until you get to the register, then the cashier insists on a high price which you are expected to "negotiate" with frustrated customers waiting for you to make your mind up and move on. The women all talk about pricing and the customers are not allowed to or their service form the providers is terminated, so it's a rigged game from the start.

LPIN exists as it does because there is no competition. It's time for people to stop kidding themsleves into thinikng LPIN is anything but a rigged game against the customer, and that state religions must be removed from state law. I ask once more, get religion out of my government. I know it doesn't belong there and the KJV Bible, which all fundies supposedly know so well, also makes a clear distinction.

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