Saturday, January 17, 2009

Alex Cockburn Scores; Whiskey Mind Still Refuses Financial Support for CP

Although I have withdrawn my financial support, Alex Cockburn is still hitting grand slams over at CounterPunch. It's a shame that part of the CP fare is too often the relentless bashing of white males that only frustrates efforts towards a functional society of many diverse cultural backgrounds. Too frequently, the arousal of suspicions of the Caucasian male by CP articles contradicts the absolute failure and raw evil of racial and gender hiring quotas. Hate is hate, no matter who is steering that ship. Of course AA proponents are shouting for more throttle before a massive iceberg is struck.

In the AA system, a less competent Hispanic or female gets hired every time over 3 competent white males. The reverse is also true. The competent Hispanic is hired every time over 3 less competent white males. The mere premise of punishing white males of today for events that occurred when they weren't even born is more than horrific and its implementation robs any government body of its moral authority to govern. I have personally witnessed a very competent black female under the guidance of multiple white female morons. That black female got frustrated and quit after she had to show her boss, a supervisor of a large information systems department, how to set up a printer. Cockburn and others need to set their raw emotion aside on the Affirmative Action front and take a long hard look at its failure. With the expense and economic damage created by AA, the education systems of inner cities could be completely refurbished into a model of education for the world, and there would be true equality...makes one believe that the powers that be like think the way they are, in chaos, with AA proponents and beneficiaries supporting hypocrites and liars who promise more than they deliver.

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