Friday, January 30, 2009

Same Ol' GOP; Hiding Behind New Face

It's insulting how the GOP leaders keep thinking that all they need is the right marketing gimmick and they can get back lost support. The fact of the matter is that the GOP is losing precisely for that reason, as it stands for nothing but the latest gimmick. Eric Cantor fell right into line each time G.W. Bush had a big program to fund. When the GOP thought the Cuban vote was important, speeches were given in Spanish. Cantor fell right into line for the $700 billion bailout to Wall Street millionaires who received $18 billion in bonuses this year, supposedly for doing such a great job. The GOP is not truly conservative fiscally or socially and it does not represent the best interest of most Americans, thus they have lost a significant amount of support. There is also nothing conservative about the extreme religious views of much of the current GOP base and their maniacal approach to the issue of abortion, while cheering for torture and economic sanctions that starve and inflict emotional and physical abuse on innocent men, women and children in foreign lands.

Incoming RNC Chairman Michael Steele says he's ready to knock people over. Women and children in Iraq and Lebanon and Cuba are well aware of that, Mr. Steele. The hostility and abrasiveness of you "Christians" is why millions have fled your morally-crippled party.

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