Sunday, January 18, 2009

Has Hillary Clinton Found Her Niche?

I had to go "hmmmm" when I read about a recent statement made by Secretary of State designate Hillary Clinton. She is absolutely right. The same standard goes for the failed drug war in the US. There is not logic behind allowing government corruption when the business can be taxed and regulated as a separate entity or at the very least decriminalized to take out the big profit, allowing honest people back into government police forces.

State governments should not be allowed to hide behind failed efforts or corruption and still claim they are the solution. Clinton may have found her calling. Let us hope she does not wimp out with an apology and begging for forgiveness. However, Clinton will have difficulty in standing by her position on Afghanistan while denying that a similar situation from the demand side exists in the US government and it's prison system. The only thing the drug war has done is eliminate most US competition for hash, marijuana, ecstasy, and methamphetamine coming in through Mexican criminal syndicates and create drugs that are more dangerous and powerful than ever.

The drug war is really about preventing people form self-medicating and having to go through Big Pharma. Bottom line. Nothing about the US drug war is keeping anyone safe. It's only making certain criminal gangs and politicians and police and military very reach. Making it a felony for someone to grow a few marijuana plants without any evidence of distribution is insanity.

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