Sunday, January 11, 2009

Israel Must Cease Strategy of Escalation

The nation of Israel is losing support. I do not know if that government, or the US government, truly understands how rapidly that deterioration of support is occurring. The largest crack in that foundation comes from Israel's policy of killing hundreds in response for attacks on the nation with results that are very minor in comparison to the inflated response. No matter how failed that policy has been, Israel insists on excessive responses to every conflict. Children are dying and enough is enough. Is it really morally justified to bomb a school full of children, even if the enemy is using that school as a base for operations? Israel, in my opinion, has become the enemy of peace.

Let's even assume that Israel has is absolutely justified and Israel has a perfect record of selecting what it considers dangerous to the nation's existence and that Israel has not provoked a single attack. Is it still a sign of righteousness to wage war in the manner that Israel engages in? I can't think of a religious philosophy on the planet that condones bombing innocent children as a response to evil. At what point does the defense become worse than the evil claimed to have provoked the attack? I believe Israel passed that point many years ago.

It's time for Israel to become a true nation of peace, or for the US to withdraw all support of Israel until they do.

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