Thursday, January 1, 2009

Whiskey Mind's New Year Message

My sincere hopes for a new year that restores freedom, discipline, and dignity to the human condition. As life becomes more complex, more and more people tend to project their fears and weakness to others, thus attacking that person's inner peace in an attempt to sooth their own insecurities. 2009 is my zero tolerance year for the parasites of the world.

If I had the training, I could put all of this into more professional terms, but abusers are people who can't cope with themselves or life. They are emotionally weak or abnormal in some way. It's all about fear and thoughts of inadequacy. To try and adapt to this problem, they look for people who have what they are lacking, normalcy. The idea is that the abuser tears others down to build themselves up. So, they generally seek out the kindest, least-violent and most understanding people they can find and treat them like shit.

Dedicated family members, children and romantic relationships are their favorite food, for that reason. I think this is how abusers justify their actions in their minds, by convincing themselves that they are only saving society from "weak" people. In reality, the abusers are the danger to society and disrupt the natural order.

I just wanted to say a few words in case anyone reading is under similar circumstances, or if they haven't made the move, yet. Don't be like me and suffer for 35-40 years. I think my new deadline for someone is about a week. They are waiting for their target or supply to leave, because that's the only problem they see as affecting them negatively. As long as someone sticks around, the abusers don't change. Abusive people absolutely will not believe the target is leaving until the person is gone and they don't know where. Now that I'm gone, my abusers all want to see how I am doing on a monthly basis. It's creepy, because it's like a hungry predator pushing at the front door, trying to get in and feed. I'm at the point now, where I think my next step is an attorney and the local sheriff if it continues. Changing my cell phone is not the answer. There has to be a way to get them from calling me anymore.

Despite rumors to the contrary, take it from someone who is far more satisfying alone than with one or more abusers in the mix. Sleep is better. Food tastes better and my personal interests are returning. Life is back. Solutions vary, but the important step is to get the hell out of any bad situation.

Here comes 2009. My own life is a lot brighter these days and I hope yours is too.

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