Friday, January 30, 2009

The Real Problem with US Economy

The US politicians and their largest campaign contributors, big business, have transported most of the jobs and production overseas to where there are labor and environmental conditions that the US has outlawed within it's own borders. This provides an overwhelming competitive advantage. Globalism is code for cronies buying each other off and shafting the average citizen.

The US must refocus on domestic resources, infrastructure and production. It's sheer stupidity and manipulation to scream "isolationist" each time someone suggests that US politicians are expected to have primary allegiance to the American people and to institute sustainable policies. Cheap goods from China are not a long term solution.

Instead of empty promises, social experimentation and political correctness in education, America needs a reformed public education for its citizens. Teaching people to read, write, do math, and think critically is not that hard if the desire is their. Finland seems to manage. Put Americans first for a change in US policy, just as the French and Russians expect their own leaders to have all national interests as a top priority.

We could start by stopping the insane military build-up and the insane "war on drugs." Enough talk from politicans. It is time for positive results or the replacement of the RNC and DNC by political enitities that won't destroy the world.

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