Sunday, January 11, 2009

Republicans Suddenly Remember Fiscal Conservatives

After trillions of dollars wasted in only the last 8 years and miles deep into the Bush rabbit hole of disastrous foreign and domestic policy who would really appreciate not having their life savings stolen or their children crippled by future debt, the RNC is now recalling that at least a few of their constituents are fiscal conservatives. Incredible!

I credit the political left with creating so such public pressure against war with Iran for keeping the mad dog of Israel on the leash up until now. In turn, they have prevented even more costs on the US military and support for Israel. Israel is an expensive "allie" with dubious benefits in return for that support. Whether or not Israel can be restrained from starting WWIII is another question. I don't believe they will take the chance if the American public is not on board...which I think is currently the case. If McCain had been elected, thousands of innocent Iranians would likely be dead by now and the threat of nuclear war would be that much more of a certainty.

I do not know to what extent the government of Israel's actions are supported by it's citizenry, but we need to find out. Israel is a problem. Regardless of what position one supports, the current situation between Israel and their Muslim neighbors can not be allowed to continue. The US will not be allowed to survive as a nation if it continues to allow the deaths of innocents at the hands of the Israeli Army. I shudder to think that my tax dollars are funding the destruction of innocent men, women, and children. Responding to three rockets that punched a couple of holes into some Israeli rooftops with the deaths of innocent women and children can not be allowed to stand any longer. Enough!

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