Sunday, December 7, 2008

Motorcyclists Make Better Drivers

For whatever reason, mid-life crisis, or whatever, I finally get are in my life. As I study safe riding, I discover how unsafe most drivers of 4 plus wheels are. They can get away with driving stupid, bikers can't. Bikers can't slam on the brakes, yap on cell phones instead of concentrating on what they are doing or cut someone off in traffic, or go from 50 mph to 70 mph, and back to 50 mph in a few seconds. They can, but 9 of 10 they'll end up in the shoulder if they do. Drivers of 4 wheels know who has the advantage and are brutal with that knowledge. I can't understand anyone having so little care for another human being.

I'm not talking sports bikes. That's another story. I'm talking tour and cruising bikes. I've seen bicyclists get more respect on the road than bikers. I see why some of those guys carry hammers on their bikes. I finally get it. Sorry I was so slow on the intake. I've always cut the two wheelers slack on the road and gotten my share of waves for that and gave them space, mostly because I loved to see those things roll off into the horizon. Where I didn't get it is that I thought everyone else did the same.

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