Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Right Issue, Wrong Emphasis; US Prison Reform

This article hits the main points of prison reform. I don't see a lot of fault with it, other than claiming more minorities in jail for drugs means discrimination has occurred. Fair or not, the minorities in the inner city gangs are far more inclined towards violence than some white guy in rural Virginia.

For the record, motorcycle clubs and certain white males have been targeted aggressively, so it's not honest or accurate to imply that non-minorities are getting away with all sorts of violations. Gun laws alone have affected many white males adversely. I have to wait 3-4 hours to get approved for a handgun purchase in Virginia, if the call back even happens that day, because of inner city minority gangs killing each other. There are countless pain-in-the-ass and unconstitutional gun and DUI laws many white males have been forced to accept, so the silliness about only minorities suffering from the overreach and hysteria against drugs is exaggerated.

Obama loves the fluffy issues with no measurable solutions, but he must address the failed "drug war" quickly. He should also issue a full federal investigation on how law enforcement seem able to combat domestic production, but unable to target imports from Mexico.

Law enforcement's assault on biker clubs and domestic methamphetamine production cuts out all competition for Mexican criminals. There are more drugs in America than ever. The prices of drugs in America are tremendously inflated due to the war on drugs. Let's see, no one allowed to grow their own, inflated prices, virtually no competition, asset forfeiture filling government coffers, narcissistic cops on ego trips, significant threats to police tyranny just happen to get busted with kiddie porn...can anyone say "widespread government corruption?"

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