Sunday, December 7, 2008

What's Wrong With American Drivers These Days?

What is it with these tailgaters who just have to feel like they're pushing you off the road at 25 miles an hour into a 90 degree turn? I now understand what causes most motorcycle accidents, the idiots surrounded by 4 wheels. It's too easy to drive a four-wheeled vehicle. I don't know if they drink too much coffee or what their problem is. Then, there're the big rig drivers who seem to forget they aren't in their pick up trucks and they need more room to stop those rigs. Whew. Sometimes, I wish I was in NYC and never drive anywhere. I don't know how the motorcycle guys do it, with all of these maniacs on four or more wheels pushing everyone up hills, around corners, and into 90 degree turns at unsafe speeds. Does that behavior really get anyone anywhere faster, or do they just want to kill somebody, to have that power to snuff out a life? Law enforcement had better start revoking some driver's licenses, soon, and quit worrying so much about the guy who had one or two beers.

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