Saturday, December 13, 2008

America 2008

Odd how I write an article about some issue digging into my side and a news event follows to completely validates what I wrote. I had one kid email me and call me "nuts" about nationalizing US banks. It now looks as if that may be the only means of surviving the economic mess. The latest development is a corrupt Wall Street and Bernard Madoff, no need to for CNBC to pretend like he's an exception, anyone who pays attention knows better.

So, now it's getting in the open just how corrupt it all is, the Iraq War and everything. Madoff was no unknown guy or a fluke. This guy was deeply entrenched in the system and a former Nasdaq stock chairman. He knows there's not but so much they can do to an old man. I say go after the sons. There's no way his scheme was htat big and that didn't ahve a professional concern about what was going on. I think it's time for that revolution we've all been talking about for 20 years.

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