Tuesday, December 30, 2008

RNC Rips Bush Bailouts?; Where Were They in September?

WTF is going on with the RNC? My guess is they FINALLY get that they are no longer going to remain a political power and could well be replaced as on of two main political parties. I am sure the RNC is just flabbergasted that the citizenry is actually willing to vote them out of office on a long term basis. The very fact that they waited this long brings into question how sincere they are about anything.

They sure as hell ran the system into the ground with reckless government, excessive spending, and blind support of Israel over the last 8 years, and now the RNC is trying to make nice with its base? Get ready to be replaced, Representative Eric Cantor!!! Someone forgot to tell Cantor he is expected to actually vote for what he says at election time. I get freaking crazy with him and other "conservatives" almost defining conservative values perfectly, then voting the exact opposite... always with some excuse about saving babies or some campaign rhetoric. They always seem to have an excuse for pissing off their constituents. At what point do constituents stop being constituents and just begin being careless proponents of whatever policy "their guy" supports? Is it we the people, or we the politicians? Is the political party representing the people, or the other way around? I say it's the latter.

Voting pro-GOP is NOT the same as voting for conservative governance, and they all know that. And, as a reminder, the Israeli government and those assholes, and their supporters, are likely no more in rhythm with the Israeli general population than Bush is with most Americans. Both Israeli and American governments are being run by some whacked-out and cruel 14%, or similar portion of national population, and are extremely dangerous to world peace.

Worried about Iran? Israel with nukes should scare the hell out of anyone.

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