Sunday, December 14, 2008

Message to President Bush; Shut Up and Keep Packing

A Washington Post article about president Bush's sensitive side? Yeah, right. It's a bit late for that.

I'd like to address this whole GOP denial thing in a few lines. I'll deal with Nancy Pelosi and the other liars in other articles. Eric Cantor and other elected GOP officials have consistently betrayed their more libertarian and conservative constituents in favor of their own personal and political interests. It's the same with the credit and housing bubbles. The game eventually comes to an end. The Iraq invasion, state-sponsored torture, and domestic spying were the last straw for me.

That time has come for much needed political reform, including extensive voting reform. Who ever heard of the opposition being able to influence who wins a competing party's primary? The first change I'd make is for a primary vote to automatically be counted as a general election vote if that person wins the primary. The two political parties are faced with a choice. 1) Continue ripping off the public and stealing their dignity and bring it all crashing down. Steal from money markets and pension funds and people are going to react negatively. 2) Institute genuine reform and preserve the rights of your constituents.

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