Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Amazing; Racism In US Senate

There is no constitutional tolerance for racism in US government, period. It's called equal protection under the law, and it doesn't just apply to any particular race. In fact, there are clear federal laws against discrimination based on race or gender. The appointment for president-elect Obama's senate seat is clearly political, so let's stop pretending that it isn't. We are to believe that the two most superior choices for that seat in the entire state are black? Won't it be even more amazing if the third most qualified person for that position also happened to be black, and the fourth, and the fifth? They can count up to ten and you'll never see a white male. We used to call that racial bigotry. If the best candidate truly is black, great. However, the public can not honestly believe that the US Constitution is not being blatantly violated by unlawful appointments purely for personal gain as agreed to in smoky backroom deals?

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