Sunday, December 21, 2008

4 Weeks, 3 Days Until Bush Is Gone

This is not coming from a rabid partisan democrat either. I used to be a solid GOP supporter in 2000. I was planning a conserative non-profit to support conservative causes. These days, I want nothing to do with anything Reaganesque or defined as conservatism.

I didn't leave the GOP, but they completely violated every ounce of trust I placed in their leadership. Congressmen such as Marsha "torture them if I can watch" Blackburn, John "they can always roll me" Boehner, Eric "the pretender" Cantor, and all the rest of those souless, morally-crippled George W. Bush enablers. They followed and chased after Bush and Vice-president Dick Cheney, to the man and woman right through the finish line. The only objections came from people, like Senator Richard Shelby, who knew the votes were there and entered objections for show. An honorable man or woman would have resigned or gone independent under a rogue such as Bush. Political devotion in the US is to party and no longer the domain of constituents, if it ever was. The US Constitution has become little more than prop used to justify government intervention and intrusion.

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