Tuesday, December 30, 2008

US Economy; The Ship Sinks

As politicians and corporate executives try to convince the citizenry that the situation is not going to get any worse, the situation gets worse. Somehow, the powers that be keep insisting that the sham can go just a little further. It's over. You can't base a national economy solely on consumption and have dumbed-down public schools at the same time. This country isn't even producing a large volume of critical thinkers. The thinkers in public schools are pounded into the ground before they can get out of middle school, and the bully adults and children think it's hilarious. The average American driver is so stupid, that they can barely keep operate a car, and that can't do that safely.

The US is going to have to completely restructure the public school system. That means rehiring all teachers and getting rid of the dead weight, no matter what race or gender they are. The death grip the democrats and republicans have on public policy has got to end. It's become a criminal enterprise, not public service. The voting system is going to have to be reformed and uniform through out all 50 states, so we have no more stupidity like in Minnesota. Only then will there even be a starting place for recovery, I don't care how many TV sets anyone can sell.

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