Saturday, November 22, 2008

Big Surprise; Drug War Law Enforcement Official Bribed

It's hard to believe. Those nice men dressed in suits and uniforms, saying they are doing all they can while drug crime runs rampant, may be taking bribes from gangs and criminals. Each time we are told how it's important to stay the course of the insane War on Drugs, we should ask ourselves how much those proponents are getting paid by the folks they are supposed to be arresting. End the drug war, mandatory sentencing, and asset We're about to find out how much change Obama actually believes in. If there are as many non-violent guys rotting in jail or losing their property in 4 years, Obama will mark himself as just another one of those guys in a suit...which I suspect will happen.

Funny thing, not once have I ever had an "outlaw" biker threaten me, my loved ones or my future. The US Congress, lawyers and cops are the guys who refuse to leave anyone alone. Who should we be more afraid of and concerned about? My money's on guys like this...Rusty Keeble and Mark Bridgeman.

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