Thursday, November 6, 2008

One Last Word About Voting; Reform

By the way, President Baby Bush still has 2.5 months to create more problems that will take generations to resolve.

All I had to show when I voted was my voter registration card. There is nothing on there that describes me. What is to prevent ACORN or some similar group from registering people who have no intention of voting, then have people voting in more than one district? In theory, nothing stops me from voting in my own district, then taking a voter card from someone I paid to register and also vote in that district. It's not asking too much to have to confirm with a photo ID. It's a crime that the US does not have a more secure voting system. The government can develop remote planes that drop bombs, but it refuses to establish a reliable national standard of voting.

It's ridiculous to hear shrieks of panic from election officials because turnout is high and they may not be able to handle it. They now, once again, have 4 years to come up with more efficient and secure methods of voting that allow prompt access to the polls for 100% of the eligible voting public. If they don't have enough funds, send them to Wall Street. House Representative Eric Cantor and US Senator Jim Webb wrote them a blank check not long ago.

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