Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Market Forces Will Never Allow Citizen Benefit As Priority

I am not a Boone Pickens fan and am still not convinced that he doesn't have some other angle than being sincere about energy choice. As example, gaining water rights as he builds his federally-subsidized wind farm. The wind power won't make it and the government will end up funding Boone's water acquisitions, which are immediately profitable.

There's a real problem with the GOP version of privatization, which most democrats seem to have eagerly adopted. Privatization efforts have zero recognition of the humanity of the citizenry. In other words, the truck of free trade would run down an occupied baby carriage if that carriage interfered with maximum profit and getting goods to a market on time. Privatization would refuse to take a dying patient to the hospital if transport was not a profit. The term used in an explanation would be "regrettable" or a similar adjective.

One can't make government policy decisions based on short term monetary gain, ie. turn over government decision-making to a corporate mindset. The very justification for taxation is to do what would not be done otherwise, serve the public good first. If our government is no longer concerned with the public good, hasn't it then just become another commercial enterprise, losing it's legitimacy to govern and tax? If that were the case, an historical revolution not seen since 1776 should be the result. If citizens are on their own and paying taxes, then they might as well be own their own and not paying taxes or tribute.

The US would reap immense benefit in 50-100 years if it were to lead the research into "green" living. The waste of water and power in the US is criminal. The fact that homes are about the same as they were in the 1800's in absurd. Where are domes, underground structures, gray water use, solar and other point-of-use efforts? People are still squirting chemicals into the ground to prevent termites? Dark age stuff, but still profitable.

The crazed moneychangers scoff in their rants of greed and ask who's going to pay for it all. I scoff right back and ask who's going to pay when we run out of clean water. The closest response to an answer I've seen so far is that they think the wealthy will be colonized safely on Mars by then.

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