Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Seas Part; His Royal Highness, King Obama, Gets His Throne

Never fear, Governor Sarah Palin has staked her claim and she's giving none of it back. I've gone from an interest in her as a unique person, to the beginning of sincere respect for what she endures merely because she is a woman. From a small town guy who knows the type, she's a small town gal, a real person. She just happens to be very stunning and physically attractive. Tine Fey described Palin as pageant quality. It's hard to ignore, but should never be the fodder for endless derision by the envious women and barbaric men of the national news media and the general public.

As as side note, I was personally impressed as PUMA and some more conservative independents joined forces in a rare effort to create synergy based on agreement. That's a good start for the next elections.

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