Sunday, November 9, 2008

Good Luck with That Bush Legacy; Santa's Not Very Happy

I'm still making my list and checking it twice. President G.W. Bush has been very naughty. My first thought is about torture and shipping prisoners who are labeled "detainees" so they can be tortured. There's Abu Ghraib, Gitmo, the vicious publicly-released videotaped hanging of Sadaam Hussein, whom we now believe was stabbed several times post-mortem, and the general practice of killing and waging war in a way that would make the most evil despot envious. There's Katrina, illegal wiretapping on US citizens, airport security to humiliate a populace by, and the denials. Constant denials of wrongdoing, the avoidance of any accountability, and counter accusations are classic strategies of corrupt regimes. The economy is crushed under the weight of unregulated bank practices and Bush proponents are actually claiming that excessive regulation was the culprit. I think it's safe to completely ignore them as maniacs, now.

To this day, Larry Kudlow and Jerry Boyer will proudly glare into the camera, with those famous smirks of a child remarkably proud of his obstinacy, as they baffle most audiences with countless contradictions and economic "expertise" contrary to economic reality. This is the same pair who mocked Peter Schiff, Gary Shilling, Joe Battipaglia and others who dared to contradict the wild claims of Ben Bernanke and Henry Paulson that all was well with the Bush economy, until the facts became so obvious that hey had to change that story. Each Kudlow episode is the same. There's the reality even the viewer can understand, represented by people labeled as "gloomy" bears, tempered by the practiced smirks of Kudlow and Boyer and the masters of fantasy Kudlow has installed on his panel. Here's a link to Charlie Gasparino calling Donald Luskin a jerk. Luskin, like any good jerk, seems proud. I've never seen a blog where a guy proudly displays remarks from professionals who know what they are talking about how he's a person nobody should try to emulate. Talk about self-hate. Congratulations to Gasparino for finally addressing the competence and intentions of those who spew out such nonsense. They are, indeed, jerks.

This is the legacy of Bush, at least some of it. I won't take any more space to provide evidence of the obvious. President G.W. Bush failed the American people. There is not one part of most of American lives which isn't spinning widely out of control. We are being prepared for the reality that not only will Social Security be gone, but some rich guy has looted the pension funds too. It's all crumbling downward, but Dick Cheney seems fine. I wouldn't want anyone to worry.

It's my prediction that millions of personal journals will firmly contradict any historical magic applied to a miserable eight years of President Bush and his compliant band of accomplices in the US Congress and the media. The fact that this man hasn't been impeached and jailed speaks volumes about justice in America. There are plenty of impeachable offenses, no need to pretend they aren't there.


stocksystm said...

This sad Bush regime will go down as one of the worst in history. 2000-2010 should have been a golden decade given the favorable demographics in place. We elected a religious nut and witnessed an appalling mismanagement of just about everything.

Greenspan should also be vilified because his insane management of interest rates and lack of common sense regarding regulation of the pig men on Wall Street is the cause of much of our current predicament.

WhiskeyMind said...

There's nothing from the price of toilet paper or a jug of milk to the cost of a load of manure that GW Bush didn't inflate the price of by 30% or more in a very short time period. I think he belongs in jail.

I've seen some articles that have compared his administration to what one could expect from Al Capone or the Gambino or Gotti families...almost identical methods of operation and diversion and enforcement when thought necessary. It's too consistent to be mere incompetence.

Greenspan is finally getting some heat, but not enough. I think the fact that he's on the Pimco bankroll of Bill Gross is suspicious to say the least. Gross benefited greatly by low interest rates and he's always screaming for more. When a someone in Greenspnan's role holds rates unusually low and then goes to work for a firm that reaped great profits as a result, I'd call that a payoff.