Monday, November 10, 2008

Main Street America; Becoming A Prison Yard

From TV shows to guys who have been there, the message about prison life is the same, "watch your back and don't ever trust anyone you don't know." It occurred to me that incarcerating a large portion of the population is not having a positive effect on American society. Who can blame a convicted felon for not trusting anyone? They get treated like dirt whether they're in or out of prison. It's beginning to get like that for the average citizen. Now, we have people being allowed by government to loot pension funds and money market accounts. Nothing is sacred. Nobody expects life to be all peaches and cream, but the last eights years have been nothing but news of the worst nature. Fear after fear after fear and extreme intimidation. Welcome to the Bush prison yard mentality. Will January 20, 2009 change anything? We'll see.

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