Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Is Bush in the Way?

The world's economies are close to falling into a bottomless pit of uncertainty and President George W. Bush is still acting like it's the year 2000. This is exactly the approach that facilitated the 9/11 disaster.

Can the US survive another 2 months of the looting of the US Treasury? I'm not so sure. I go back to a reliable method of discerning truth. Are there any consistent results of Bush's actions? Yes, the rich get more rich and those who must work daily to survive are pushed to the breaking point. That's a reality you won't read in the Wall Street Journal. The American citizenry is being crushed by greed. One can't believe a word a guy like Bush says about freedom. His every action contradicts every speech or statement about how he wants the American citizenry to be prosperous and safe.

I see where Obama is being criticized for being so active, but he has no choice. America has never been more close to massive poverty and starvation, while Bush plans his next bike ride and how to loot the few solvent pension funds and savings accounts in his last 2 months.

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