Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The G. W. Bush Legacy of Failure; A Real Chimp Would Have Done Less Harm

President George Bush, if not the most criminal all of US presidents, may certainly be the most despised. His "errors" seem to consistently satisfy some dark agenda or enrich his supporters. Stock markets appear to rally on the mere thought of the Bush administration finally coming to an end, not caring for the time who may win. It has been a long eight years known for a series of disasters: losing 3000 American lives in an attack on US soil, the misguided response to the attack which should have never occurred, the Katrina debacle, urban sprawl fueled by interest rates forced down too low for too long and forever ruining countless acres of once-fertile farmland. Those interest rates also helped fuel what may still be the collapse of the global economy.

Massive deficits and fiscal insanity, torture of innocent civilians in Iraq, abuse of power, and perhaps even sheer stupidity seem to have been with President Bush all along. Still, the national infrastructure crumbles away and far more troubles were created than solved. Bush's definition of success is that we are not all dead or in prison.

I will never forget when Vice President Dick Cheney refused take his seat on Bush's cue during the Rumsfeld departure ceremony. Bush began to take his seat, but the crowd took their cues from Cheney and Bush had to rise again until Cheney was ready to end the applause for Rumsfeld and sit. The video is clear and I am still amazed that not a single mainstream journalist, the ones who consider themselves stewards of the preservation of truth, mentioned the least concern about that episode. Let us hope, if Senator Barack Obama wins, that Senator Joe Biden is not the one really in charge.

The only question now is how much other damage can Bush and Cheney do until January 20. It still may be a good idea to get that chimp on the job, now.

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