Saturday, November 15, 2008

VA GOP Question; Still No Response

I'm going on the forth day of no response from the Virginia Republican Party about how they plan a return to the party basics and extensive reform with the same players who got the party off track in the first place. I'll probably join "Joe the Plumber" in the number of illegal searches of government databases for dirt on me when this is all said and done.

I don't think that is an unfair question. Most of those GOP guys and gals were vicious in their support for Bush policies which have turned into total failures. There weren't just a couple of failures. The entire 8 years is rife with failure and excuses about it being someone else's fault. They supported government databases and warrantless wiretaps on all US citizens, torture, strike-first war(which means attack without just cause), no-bid contracts for war, Gitmo, and a bevy of insane positions. Let's not forget about the bailout and the insanity that wrecked the world economy, all on the GOP's watch. And, now, they are going to make it all better? How?

Now, these same people are going to pretend someone else did all of that and they are the answer for recovery? I want to hear what the plan is. If the GOP has the answers and expects my support, the least they can do is let me know what their plan is.

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