Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Changes at Whiskey Mind; Changes All Around

Someone might notice that links to Democracy Now and CounterPunch have been removed. I may offer details on this later, but for now will just leave it at my disgust of their frequent attacks on white males. Race, gender and sexual preference have always been an obsession with "progressives" but it seemed they were correcting that failure. Well, they aren't. Now that democrats have some power again, we're right back to pitting Americans against Americans, based on race and gender. CounterPunch contributed my last straw yesterday. I'll see if Amy Goodman holds Obama's feet to the fire or not. Folks, there has got to be more to this than just turning on each other, pitting American against American.

I've never understood the compulsion of those who identify with progressive politics to constantly strike out against perfectly innocent people for crimes they had nothing to do with, other than by sharing race or gender characteristics (ie. white males). I thought such bigotry was supposed to be wrong. No wonder American youth are so damned confused these days. When there's too much to be gained financially and politically by those who claim to be civil rights activists, the situation only gets worst. Many progressives are so deeply invested in the racial problems of this nation, that any resolution would be devastating to their personal incomes, and the future of the income of their immediate family and associates. Most people consider that a conflict of interest which breeds a lack of credibility. I know I do.

In the spirit of truth and rebellion against injustices, and to push back against "progressive" misfits, I have promptly installed a link to the Drudge Report and removed any links associated with progressive movements. As the power shifts, Drudge has now again assumed the role of revealing the secrets of those vested in America's failures. His guys are out, so Drudge has nothing to lose and everything to gain by printing unsavory facts about the DC political establishment. The game is always on, it's the roles that change.

My role won't change. I'm interested is truth and credible information to base decisions and beliefs upon, and I don't care where it comes from. Anyone who breeches the trust gets dropped like a hot potato. I'm sick of being vilified because I was born male and am of Scots-Irish decent. I'm doomed to a lifetime of attacks on my well-being and dignity because of how I was born, by people who say it doesn't matter how we were born...that we're all human? It's time to label them as the unstable and dangerous quacks that they are.

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