Thursday, November 27, 2008

Chancellor Merkel Is Right

Congratulations to German Chancellor Angela Merkel for standing her ground. I wish US politicians would do the same, if they even have sense to know where the good ground is. Since the real solution seems politically explosive, and it should be, US politicians are just going back to easy money hoping that they get a different result or struggle through another round of elections. Low interest rates and flushing the economy with cash is stupid and is what caused the problem. Liquidity IS the problem. There's too much worthless paper floating around. That's what the problem is. Issuing more worthless paper isn't going to be the answer.

Another point that makes my head spin on my spine is this idea of just getting everyone out there to by some big screen TVs this Christmas and it will all be OK. Hello! Hello?? Hey!!! Is anyone getting the message? The music has stopped playing, game over.

The USA, and other countries need real economies, based on more than selling video games and TV sets, and to live within the means of those economies. We need to educate citizens and allow them the means to provide for themselves...and not centralize the food supply and everything else just so a few fats cats can own it all. I've got news for the fat cats. There won't be a spot on earth to hide if this whole thing goes bad, so I hope the Mars settlement is ready for you by then. The "let them eat cake" attitude is getting damned old. 300 million starving and pissed-off citizens with pitchforks is something worth worrying about.

I know it'll be rough for the super rich to just have 3 mansions instead of 8-10 or 20 all over the world, but looting the system is killing the world. Does anyone other than Merkel get this? It has to stop or nobody gets anything, game over, society breakdown across the globe...war, crime and death. Is any of this reality seeping into the heads of any of the fat cats, or do they truly believe looting the world citizens of resources that belong to everyone is sustainable long-term, with predictable results. It's never occurred on this scale before, so the fat cats are lying if they say they know the effects of what they are doing.

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